4 Simple Ways to Welcome September

septemberHard to believe that another summer has come and gone….are you still hanging on to each ‘shorts and flip flop day’ or are you looking forward to a crisp ‘sweater and boots day’?  Hmmm, or maybe somewhere in the middle? Ginger’s favorite season was fall, so she always welcomed September with open arms – as for me, it is generally the beginning part of any season that I enjoy the most, so I am now ready for a change!  Whether you are a summer or a fall lover, here are four things to do as the season transitions:

  1. Open your windows –  After an unusually hot summer where many were glad to have air conditioning, it is delightful to bring the fresh air inside and to also hear the outdoor sounds, whether it be crickets or cars…Ginger regularly would “air out the house” throughout the year, and I can still remember the fresh, clean smell.  Even driving in your car, the breeze, the smell, and the feel of the air is wonderful!
  2. Take inventory of your fall clothes – Before you hit the mall and start shopping it is an absolute MUST to go through your closet/drawers first.  Get rid of things that don’t fit or aren’t comfortable.  Donate or consign items that you don’t love. Once you finish this exercise, make a list of the basics that you need, then you can shop with a focus.
  3. Try a new recipe – As much as I love corn on the cob and ‘throwing fish on the grill’, there is something so cozy about a roast or a casserole in the oven.  September is a perfect time to try a new chili recipe or a healthy quinoa side dish…the added benefit to these types of meals is the leftovers you will have for days. Healthy and practical too!
  4. Start shopping for holiday outfits – Not kidding!  Christmas is just three months away and you know there will be party invitations…the last thing you want to do is wait until two weeks before the party when you are pressured and looking at the same red or black cocktail dresses as everyone else.  So as you are shopping for fall, keep an open mind  – if you see a dressy outfit that you love, try it on, and buy it if it looks great on you!  Happy September everyone!

    Purging and taking inventory for fall!
    Purging and taking inventory for fall!

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  • Funny that you mentioned fall/winter “comfort food” – Last night a friend commented that she was starting to crave those foods, and I had earlier been food shopping and got the makings of a nice fall soup! Then, I went to the half-price sale at Goodwill, and found a lovely Isabella Bird sweater: 80% cotton, and 20% angora rabbit hair. Very soft, and not too furry! (Every now & then, I find a great bargain at Goodwill. Lots of junk, but sometimes a treasure shows up: Eileen Fisher, etc.)

  • Have a beef stew cooking as we speak! Agree about the Fall clothes…I started today. No nylons yet though.

  • I would LOVE to start thinking about fall, but it’s still in the mid 90s here. It’s been really dry and the leaves are beginning to fall, there is occasionally a breeze, but it’s still so hot. I have purchased a couple of new dresses for fall but can’t even think about wearing them yet.


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