Why I Keep Buying Black Skirts

Agnes B skirt, Wolford top
Agnes B skirt, Wolford top

How many black skirts do you own? Only one? Two? More than six? That would be me, close to a dozen and I wear them all…..would I buy another?  You bet I would!  Black skirts can be as different as night and day  – just because you already have a few, doesn’t mean another won’t give you a whole new look……the fabric, the style, the length – these three components can vary enough to have you wearing black skirts everyday!  Skirt above is by Agnes B, it actually was Ginger’s, over fifteen years old and still looks chic….its an elastic waist rayon…light as a feather and as comfy as pjs….it can be worn for business casual, dressed up for the evening, or with flats for home entertaining….love it.011




Here is another favorite pencil skirt from All Saints, showing you the back side which features a full ‘edgy’ zipper…it is a waxed cotton which gives the appearance of leather (but not the price!)…..the fit is ‘body conscious’ but because it comes to the knee in length, it makes it appropriate for business, yet sexy enough for after hours…..







Pleated skirts can be fun and even flattering if the pleats do not start at the waist or if the hip area is contoured, such as this one by Rag and Bone, found at TJMax….





This mid-weight crepe skirt can be worn year round, and will look great with a black fitted jacket and boots or booties!  With temps above 70, I will continue to enjoy bare legs and these Tabitha Simmons block heels – ankle straps are perfect with a full skirt and/or a skirt that falls below the knee.






Speaking of full skirts, here is my latest treasure from Revolve in Belmont Center – an amazing black skirt by Sonia Rykiel, made in France, of gorgeous waxed linen!001 This is not your average skirt ladies…this is not your ‘under $100’ consignment bargain….this is a unique, special piece that is a ‘WOW’….it has a wide self belt and dramatic angled pockets…003 Did I need it??? Heck, no….but that’s the time when you find the best stuff! 009
This black skirt needs nothing more than a simple white shirt, which is how I wore it recently….maybe next time I will try it monotone with a fitted black top…

What colors go best with black skirts? Without hesitation, my favorites are white, beige, and black (never red), for a sophisticated,European look. Black skirts are versatile, slimming, and practical….ok, let’s face it, I just love ’em!

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