5 Beauty Products I Can’t Live Without

#1 – Bumble and Bumble Hair Powder. Ok, ladies, as some of you know that may run into me at the hairdressers – often – I am completely gray….not ready for that yet, so I have my roots colored every three to four weeks routinely…despite my diligence, after two weeks the gray starts to show – thank goodness for this easy and effective product that you can just spray on when needed! It comes in different colors so works for blondes, brunettes, and those of us (haha) that can’t make up our mind….it can be purchased online or at various beauty supply shops….. I pick mine up at the Dellaria Hair Salon in the Burlington Mall (near Nordstroms).laura m tan
#2 – Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer. This is a great product whether you wear a lot of makeup or none at all…..it evens out your skin tones and gives you a bit of color while providing moisture as well as SPF protection…..it comes in different shades according to your specific coloring and how you want to look….I always buy ‘TAN’ because I have olive skin and I like the look of being in the sun….it is best to use this over a plain moisturizer so it goes on evenly and gives you a glowing complexion….sold at fine department stores.lip pencils
#3 – MAC Lip Pencils. Not all lip pencils are created equal….through much trial and error experimenting with pencils at every cosmetic counter imaginable, as well as in drugstores, MAC is my current favorite…..they are creamy enough to go on smoothly, but do not smudge or wear off easily….RED ENRICHED CREMESTICK is my lighter one, the one I use for reds and orangey lipsticks – it is a twist up pencil, no sharpening needed…BITTERSWEET ProLONGWEAR is a brown tone that looks best with nudes, browns, very deep colors – it does require sharpening so you can get a very fine line…..MAC cosmetics are mid-range priced, they do not go overboard on fancy packaging……sold at fine department stores or at MAC stores. eye pads
#4 – Almay Eye Makeup Remover Pads. How the heck does any woman who wears mascara survive without these??? They are a quick and gentle way to remove eye makeup, have been using them for years……I always buy the moisturizing ones that say they are for waterproof mascara – even though I do not use waterproof mascara on a regular basis, this formula works the best…they are sold at CVS, sometimes you can ‘buy one get one free’…stock up when there’s a sale!tantalizer
#5 – LORAC TANtalizer. Ginger would have loved this, a glimmery, shimmery tan lotion for your arms, legs, décolletage, shoulders, wherever! She actually was a fan of self-tanning lotions, but I am not – it is so hard to get a natural look (streaky, uneven) and the smell is so unappealing….So glad I discovered this Lorac product! When you wear no stockings it gives a flawless glow to your legs – for the daytime I prefer to mix half Nivea lotion in the palm of my hand so its not too shimmery – but for evening go for it full strength! It washes off in the shower, it is NOT a tanning lotion……originally I found this at Sephora, but last time I checked they did not carry it anymore…..found some online after many website searches that were sold out.

What beauty products are YOU never without???



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