Balancing Act

009 Having great style doesn’t mean only wearing new, expensive clothes – this I learned from Ginger for sure. She always said, if you have good taste, you can mix your bargains in with the pricier items and nobody will know which is which……on this Saturday afternoon, I mixed pricey with bargains – and old with new……can you see the polka dot shirt under my jacket? It was under $20 at Revolve! The beret? You know that’s old……the jacket? That’s the splurge here – bought at Mackage in New York this year. This blanket scarf was a bargain at about $35, found this year at Marmalade in Belmont….it is soft as can be and makes a dramatic statement – just love the plaid!

Don't ever forget my Sermoneta driving gloves!
Don’t ever forget my Sermoneta driving gloves!
Waxed jeans bought a few years back at Portobello Road...OLD Cole Haan boots
Waxed jeans bought a few years back at Portobello Road, much better price point than leather jeans…..OLD Cole Haan boots

boots The boots I have had for years, they are the comfort series of Cole Haan, have a very edgy motorcycle look that is fun…..the feminine polka dot blouse is a perfect piece to offset this edginess……So mix it up! Old and new – pricey and bargains – edgy and feminine! That’s what make YOUR style personal and unique.

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  • You look great in everything you put together, but I especially like the mix in this casual look. I imagine the look changes as you remove or put on the different layers throughout the day.

    • Thank you! I love the mix of different looks too – makes it much more interesting.


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