5 Biggest Holiday Outfit Mistakes

It’s just around the corner, whether you love it or dread it – the holiday season!  Work parties, parties with friends, holiday outings, events up the ying yang……..once you know what’s on your calendar for the weeks ahead, one question will ultimately be, “What am I going to wear???”   Need not stress you out.  Need not require you spending hundreds of dollars.  Your closet likely has the start of some great outfits, maybe you just need one new piece whether a basic or an accessory……Is your event dressy or casual?  Are you looking to portray a serious image or ‘ready for fun’?  What is your personal style?  Once you know the answers to these questions you are halfway there, hopefully avoiding these 5 common mistakes:

  1. Overdoing the sparkle.   Sequins and metallics are a very current look now, whether for the holidays or everyday – skirts, tops, blazers, shoes, nails, handbags, you name it…..especially for the holidays it is a festive look that sends a message of celebration…..like wearing champagne!   The best way to wear a sequined piece is to balance it with other pieces that are more casual and/or have a matte finish…..a simple cashmere sweater would be perfect with a sequined skirt for a dressy event, or a denim/chambray shirt for a more casual event.  Let one item be your ‘sparkle’, then tone down the rest of your outfit from head to toe. Seen below, wearing a plaid shirt with a sequin skirt and high heels is unexpected and displays confidence….
    Pinterest photo
    Pinterest phot0


2.  Dressing for a day on the slopes.  It appears that this mistake seems to be mostly made by the over 50 set…..bulky sweaters, wearing a sweater over a cocktail dress, heavy stockings, covered up from top to bottom….c’mon ladies, the party is indoors!  You will be wearing a winter coat outside (and scarf of course!) and in many cases there is valet parking or a parking garage….inside there will be heat.  Show a little skin, even if just your arms…..dare to bare your legs with a strappy sandal – OR – wear black opaque tights and boots and bare your shoulders!

3.  Wearing a red top with a black bottom.  What’s wrong with this you say?  You wear it every year?  Yeah, you and hundreds of other women.  Look around you starting after Thanksgiving – you will see it everywhere, day and night, more and more and more the closer it gets to Christmas.  Almost as if Santa sent his staff down from the North Pole.  Extremely predictable.  Quite boring.  If you really like red, try the reverse: wear a red skirt or red pants with a black top and a leopard or nude shoe – way more stylish!

Avoid The Christmas 'Uniform' Pinterest photo
Avoid the Christmas ‘uniform’ Pinterest photo

4. Shopping at the last minute. Don’t wait until the week before your party to look for a new dress – start now. Take inventory of what you already have and then hit the stores with some ideas in mind. Nothing worse than the pressure of last minute shopping. Likely you will overspend and you won’t love your outfit. Buy something when you LOVE it, even if the party is weeks away.

5. Forgetting to help your other half. Taking your hubbie to the party? If so, you want to look great as a couple, right? Well, if he is still wearing that baggy blue blazer and Dockers it is time to raise the bar! Most guys are not big into shopping but given a bit of guidance they will enjoy the results of being well dressed. Take a day and hit the mall with him – whether it’s Brooks Brothers, JCrew, or The Nordstrom Rack, there is a look for every personality and body type. (see #4, don’t wait)

Peter wearing a JCrew shirt with black cashmere blazer
Peter wearing a JCrew shirt with black cashmere blazer

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    • Anne, thanks so much for your comment! I figured it was better to raise awareness now when women have time to go in a different direction if they want to! Would love to hear about what you wear this year…..you can always email me at candy.costas@yahoo.com

  • Guilty of #2 and NOT gonna change! There is nothing worse than freezing all evening.


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