Black Watch Plaid Pants

Pink blouse, Ralph Lauren pants
Pink blouse, Ralph Lauren pants

Ginger would not have liked my Urban Chic look, my BCBG cocktail dress, or when I have worn shorts with heels as evening wear….but, boy oh boy, this is a look she would LOVE….makes perfect sense because these were her pants!  They must be at least 15 years old, recently discovered in my dad’s storage closet, in pristine condition though at least two sizes too big for me….gorgeous fine wool fabric in a timeless black watch plaid, Ralph Lauren label……hey, my tailor can fix these!!! And yes he did! They fit beautifully and are now a great addition to my fall/winter wardrobe…..007 On this particular day I opted for a masculine/feminine mix….a simple short sleeved sleeve blouse with a navy cravat (this was also Ginger’s) and a string of pearls……another option would be to wear a dramatic/frilly long sleeved blouse and black patent pumps….since the pants are so ‘preppy’, I like to wear a sexy shoe……

Burberry Brit jacket
Burberry Brit jacket

Black watch plaid is quite versatile – many outerwear options would have worked:  a black leather jacket, a tan suede jacket, or even a tweed blazer – I actually tried the tweed combo but it was a bit ‘over the top’ for me (maybe next time I will go for it)…..yes, believe it or not, I went for a safer, more conservative choice!018 The preppy style can be a great look for work, regardless of your age – it is classic, upscale, and timeless….and for the upcoming holiday season, plaid paired with lace and/or velvet can be quite elegant…….I am sure Ginger paid a pretty penny for these pants, but you can definitely find similar ones at reasonable price points…Brooks Brothers has some for $128 and Uniqlo has a pair for only $39.90!

Well???  Would you wear plaid pants?



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