5 Holiday Outfit Mistakes to Avoid

 Cashmere halter top with Haute Hippie satin skirt (TJMaxx)
Cashmere halter top with Haute Hippie satin skirt (TJMaxx)

Here we are again! The holidays are upon us and the party season has begun! No need to stress yourself out, it is likely you have a couple of great pieces in your closet that you can just add to, and off you go! Or you may be ready for a whole new outfit and will be heading out to shop this weekend…..whichever it is, here are the outfit mistakes to avoid:

1- TOO MUCH BLING. If you are going to wear a sequin jacket or a sweater with sparkle, tone down the rest of your sparkle, let the one piece be the focal point and keep accessories simple. You are not a Christmas tree.
2- CASUAL SHOES AND HEAVY STOCKINGS. If you are wearing a cocktail dress, bare legs are best, worn with a dressy sandal – unless you are making a statement with an edgy bootie…..Your mid-heeled leather pumps and dark stockings are for the office….You say it’s cold outside?? That’s what valet parking is for! (Ok, a sheer stocking if you must…..)
3- STUCK IN THE PAST. Do you look back at holiday photos and always see yourself in the same kind of outfit? Change it up! If it’s a house party, you can look very elegant in leather jeans and a loose silk blouse or cashmere sweater. Try a new look!
4- AVOID THE PREDICTABLE. This is easily the one that drives me the craziest….look around you, day or night in December and what will you see??? Red tops worn with black pants. Red tops worn with black skirts. Yeah, it’s easy – it’s also boring. No more, please!!!
5- NAKED FACE. It’s a party…it’s the evening…you are wearing a fitted sheath dress with a statement necklace and bought new shoes….WHAT! You are wearing NO MAKEUP??? (Well, I can’t see it….) Even if you like a more natural look, this is the time to pull out the mascara, the eye pencil, the bronzer, the LIPSTICK! Don’t forget your face!

Never forget my makeup,  false lashes  for special events.
Never forget my makeup, always add false lashes for special events.

Happy Holidays and Happy Shopping!

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  • Agreed, except for the footwear part. I still remember years ago, attending a New Year’s Eve show & afterparty on a college campus, valet parking wasn’t available. No problem since the parking lot was close by. It was clear and dry when we went in, but we emerged to find about a foot of wet show on the ground, with more coming down fast! We were lucky to make it home. My sandals were soaked, and I decided after that, never again. If snow is forecast, dressier boots with a low heel would be part of my attire, even if I was wearing an evening dress! But, I do wonder at how many women just don’t seem to make an effort for dressier occasions.


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