Holiday Joy?

Tree is up.....worth the effort?  Would fake be easier?
Tree is up…..worth the effort? Would fake be easier?

Ok…..if you are a woman over 50…….you must relate……

That first sound on 106.7……. “It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year….la,la,la….” Argh. Ugh…….wait, no, I am smiling, it’s fun! I love the holidays!!!!!……..I do……..and I don’t.   Let’s be honest here. Christmas can be absolutely magical, fun, pretty, time with friends and family, the spirit of giving, the traditions, the childhood memories, the extravagances, the parties, the festivity of it all………………….the exhaustion, the pressure, the expense, the lack of time……….I really do love the magic of Christmas, but really, is all this work really necessary????   We got our tree early this year at the request of my adult children wanting to decorate it on Thanksgiving…..Ok! – Fun idea!………..There I was with Peter, at the picturesque tree farm on a beautiful sunny day, selecting our 9 foot premium Fraser…………next words out of my mouth:   “I suppose we should get the fucking wreath too.”

Here it is......the f-ing wreath!
Here it is……the f-ing wreath!

Bad Candy!…..that’s not the spirit of Christmas!  Yeah, yeah, yeah…… was actually said half in jest, half real feelings………Life changes ladies, don’t we know it!!   When you are a child, Christmas magic is pure as snow, believing in Santa Claus, mesmerized by snow globes… a young girl, it is exciting and romantic, your first velvet dress, maybe first present from a boyfriend……as a young adult, excited to be setting your first holiday table, decorating your first tree…….then as a new parent, the joy of being Santa and creating the magic for your child……..then again, and again, and again……..and AGAIN.  Enough! There must be a way to celebrate the holidays with less work….I remember Ginger pared way down on decorating in her 60s……I must admit it is sometimes a struggle to find the right balance…….but that’s what it really is – making choices and finding the right balance…..Yes, we put up our tree this weekend, yes, I also decorated the mantle and brought out my snowman collection…, I did not use every ornament, I did not hang fresh boughs of pine, nor am I planning to host any big parties….the priority is to enjoy the season with my family and close friends. Despite one or two rough moments, so far so good.

Out with Henry!
Out with Henry! Holiday joy for sure

Are you overloaded (or overjoyed?) with holiday tasks? Or maybe you have wisely found the right balance? Would love to hear…..

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  • Thanks for this welcome dose of honesty! The holidays really are a mixed bag as one gets older–happy to see the adult children returning home, stressed at trying to meet their expectations of the perfect Christmas they remember; further stressed at hoping the blended family all gets along! I’m so glad when January comes.

  • Hi Candy, I so enjoyed your notes on decorations. For the past 10 years we have been putting up such a small display…a Sleigh w/ a Santa and a Charlie Brown tree….w/ little ones and animals around ( dtrs always bring dogs w/ them) and a much smaller home it works well…I use the same things year after year that I have collected…yes so fun and festive but work and as we get oler it gets more difficult….simple is always better…
    On another note I was wondering what your thoughts are about coral/orange for the holidays….wore it this summer w/ beige and blue…thinking of wearing it this holiday season w/ black….after all Orange is the new black????

    • Thanks Mary! I think coral would be great for the holidays and it always looks great on you. (Red too predictable and can be harsh.) Looks good with black, or another pretty option would be to wear the coral with winter white or cream, and add a sparkly accessory….you always look fabulous!

  • As a kid we always had a real tree. Then after my mom passed and the help stopped, my dad switched to a fake tree. I say the fake tree is much more work. It is a horrible puzzle to put together that never looks real, no matter how much you bend the limbs to make it imperfectly perfect! As soon as I moved out on my own I went right back to a real tree. 🙂 Now we need to pair down the decorations. I have already brought up all our decorations from the basement (3 overflowing boxes). Once we decorate we will discard anything left in the boxes. I have one new giant container to keep the stuff in going forward. if it doesn’t fit, it doesn’t stay.

    • Love that – if it doesn’t fit in the one box, off it goes! Thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks Candy…. I think your right….. I’ll go for the unexpected….. See you soon.


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