5 Reasons To Kick Up Your Fitness

Have you been in a fitness slump, working out routinely but not challenging yourself? Or for one reason or another, maybe you never started an exercise routine? Whichever category you find yourself in, it is never too late to start, and the good news is that it’s quite simple to get results! Simple, yes – easy, no. It is NOT easy to get results, but you know the expression – no pain, no gain! How badly do you want to be fit and WHY? There are many reasons to motivate you, yet most people are committed to fitness for just ONE…

Which reason would resonate with YOU?

1 – Being capable/strong. As we get older, men and women alike lose muscle mass, which affects our strength, and what we can or cannot do. How great it is to be able to travel and not worry about lifting suitcases. Or to carry that suitcase up a flight of stairs when an elevator breaks down. (Been there, done that.) Playing with grandchildren, carrying heavy grocery bags, the list goes on. Being strong means not only the ability to take care of yourself, but it means you are also able to help others.

2 – Stress reduction. Whether it is your job, your personal life, or both, we all face times in our lives when it is highly stressful – maybe your job/life is always stressful! Way better than relying on antidepressants or alcohol, an intense workout boosts your ‘feel good’ endorphins and also is a good distraction from daily worries. Until I recently joined Orange Theory, I never experienced this firsthand. It is real! (I have actually been moved to tears of joy/relief.)

3 – Improved health. This reason seems to be the most obvious, and especially relevant to those over 50. Your risk of diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, etc – all significantly reduced by a healthy lifestyle. The good news here is that changing your habits can reverse diagnoses and illnesses, can actually eliminate your need for certain medications.

4 – Vanity. Yeah, this one is my #1 reason. Just because I am 65 does not mean that I am turning in the towel on looking my best, whether at work, after hours, or on the beach. I am passionate about clothes and it’s no secret that I enjoy provocative styles. There’s also an added benefit to being vain: for men and women alike, being in shape and feeling good about how you look can significantly contribute to confidence and a greater engagement in life. :-)

5 – Increased energy. Even though my primary reason for working out is vanity, this has to be a close runner up. Intense workouts will wear you out for sure, but after your body adjusts, you will be amazed at how much energy you have. I find that the harder I work out, the more I pay attention to eating healthy and drinking less alcohol – all which affects energy levels.

SOOOO, what’s YOUR reason to kick things up? Would love to hear!

Work hard. Play hard. Enjoy every day.


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