Is Your Wardrobe Aging You?

Stressful life circumstances can age you. Health issues can age you. But – no need for your wardrobe to age you!

Updating your wardrobe year after year is a must, especially if you are over 50! Styles change, your life changes, YOU change! The clothes that you wear should be current, and reflect the interesting person that you have become – not someone stuck in a rut from decades ago and/or sticking to antiquated rules.

Regardless of your age, whenever you head out in the world, the clothes on your back send a message about you – some examples could be ‘ready for fun’, ‘stylish professional’, ‘coastal grandmother’, or ‘classic and classy’…what you want to avoid is sending a message that says ‘given up’, ‘insecure’, or ‘stuck in the past’, all images than can make you look outdated and older than you actually are. Does this ring true for you? No need to fret! There are easy things that you can do with a bit of attention to detail…

1- Add one edgy or casual piece to a conservative outfit. If you are a working woman, avoid a head-to-toe ‘corporate’ look…you can still wear classic blazers, and even a suit, but mix in one part that is unexpected – it could be a teeshirt instead of a bow-tie blouse, a piece of statement jewelry, a patterned stocking, or even a fashion sneaker instead of a classic pump.

2 – Wear leather! Whether it is real leather or faux, leather adds instant pizazz whether for work or play…you might be open to a traditional leather jacket, but think beyond that…go for pants, a top, even a leather dress! And while you can definitely wear more than one leather piece at once, mixing fabrics and textures with one leather piece is always a good place to start.

3 – Say no to ‘comfy’ shoes! Not at all saying that you should wear uncomfortable shoes, but take the time to find stylish shoes that are comfortable, not shoes that look like orthopedic devices…unless you have foot issues and are unable to, find shoes with a 2-3″ heel and a flattering tapered toe. Stylish sneakers can be a fun alternative for times when you need to walk long distances, but be careful not to regularly make them your shoe of choice. (And heaven forbid, never flip-flops!)

4 – Avoid looking like: “I’m old and I’m cold.” If it’s chilly outside, wear proper outerwear! In terms of your outfit, only wear layers or a cardigan sweater if it’s a deliberate stylish addition to what you are wearing – or if you can’t see it, such as a fitted cami. A luxurious wrap/scarf or a cropped denim jacket are two stylish ways to combat chilling air conditioning without looking like Grandma Moses.

5 – Skip the big and baggy. Even if you aren’t in perfect shape, fitted styles are much more flattering. Big, baggy styles just make you look bigger – even very curvy shapes look best with tops, dresses, and pants that fit perfectly. Along these lines, don’t let your skirt/dress length overpower you – the ideal skirt length for most women is just covering the knee. Seems impossible to accomplish all this? All you need is a good tailor. Worth every penny.

6 – Don’t be too ‘matchy’. Years ago it was common for ladies to match earrings, necklace, and even bracelets…shoes and handbag also needed to match…those days are long gone! Mix your metals and mix your colors. The most interesting looks have something unexpected, whether it’s a color or an accessory…you might like to pile on the bling, but avoid looking like you bought a matching set.

7 – Embrace your sexuality. Seriously. As women age, it is not uncommon to see them lean toward asexual styles – elastic waist pants, flat shoes, oversized sweaters, fleece vests. Visit a 55+ community and you will see exactly what I mean – the men and women could practically share wardrobes! :-0 If you still feel feminine, and/or if you want to feel more feminine, express it in your outfit choices, whether it means a black lace blouse, a sexy shoe, or a low-cut dress…there are NO RULES other than to please yourself, whether you are 45 or 85.

Of these 7 tips, are there one or two in particular that you are ready to try??? I would love to hear, and as always, glad to answer any questions!

Work hard. Play hard. Enjoy every day.


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