5 Secrets To Standout Vacation Style

How much thought and effort do you put into planning your vacation wardrobe? Are you packing the same old swimsuits and ‘sundresses’ you have had for years?  Do you admire outfits on others and wish you looked more stylish?  It need not mean spending lots of money, but it does mean taking the time to plan and putting in some effort.  Why bother??? In addition to looking better (good enough reason for me), the added plus is that you will feel better. If you feel great you are apt to be more relaxed and more confident, leading to more FUN!

1 – Plan well in advance.  Weeks, maybe even months ahead, write it all down. Make two columns: one for day outfits, one for night outfits and write down all the specifics. Include shoes, handbag, accessories, sweaters/wraps. You probably have some old favorites, but some others might no longer be sparking joy – that means time to find something new and you know what to look for when you go shopping. Maybe new white shorts?  Maybe a new casual dress?  Maybe new beach shoes?  When you put it all down on paper it makes shopping easier, packing way easier and even saves time when you are on vacation.

2 – Select items in the vibe of your destination.  There is a certain urban look to dressing for the city, there is a certain look when dressing for the coast of Maine – these looks won’t be cool everywhere!  If you are headed to a Caribbean island, leave your pumps at home, leave your super preppy pieces behind…think gauzy fabrics, pastels and/or bright colors, wedges or flat sandals, and all your fun jewelry!  If you wear black, accessorize with natural or bright colors instead of red or all black.  Search your destination on Pinterest to get an idea of the local ‘vibe’.

3 – Make your bathing suit an ‘outfit’.  You have a couple of swimsuits that you like, but it shouldn’t stop there!  Don’t overlook a  coordinating coverup, beach shoes, a hat, sunglasses, even jewelry!  Accessorizing your swimsuit with a dramatic hat and big hoop earrings takes the suit from ‘functional’ to ‘fashionable’! Many cool accessories can be found for next to nothing at discount or consignment shops.  Another great place to find unique items is when you are on vacation – the Tory Burch tote in above pic I found in a hotel gift shop for about $50.

4 – Try on your summer clothes.  You don’t want to assume that your white jeans fit or that everything still looks great.  Clothes can lose their shape year after year, styles change, your body changes – it makes sense to dig out your summer clothes well in advance to be sure things fit and you are going to feel good when you wear items.  When I recently pulled out my white jeans I saw that they needed washing!  :-0 Better to discover that in advance and not when you are packing your bag!

5 – Arrive in style.   I always plan a fun outfit for wearing on the plane – something comfortable but definitely with the ‘destination vibe’ in mind. Maybe a bright colored cashmere scarf over cotton layers, cropped jeans, and fashion sneakers.  The perfect jacket?  You can’t go wrong with an ultra light ‘puffer’ since it’s cuddly, warm, and easily stuffs into a carry-on when you no longer need it.  You can find these as low as $35 in places like Uniqlo or TJMaxx…I am on the hunt for one in metallic gold or silver!

Heading to Turks and Caicos, March 2017

With advance planning and a touch of bronzer on your cheeks, you can easily have standout style on vacation!   And what about your hubby?  Don’t forget to share these tips with him too.  He may scoff at first, but deep down my guess is he wants to look cool too.   😉

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