A Break from Black

In the gloomy days of winter it is easy to wear black, navy, and shades of gray every day, and they are certainly chic neutrals that work well in a business setting. But speaking for myself, at least once a week I need a break!  This does not mean I will necessarily turn to bright colors, but instead I will reach into my closet for white, another chic neutral.  This Vince dress from TJMaxx is something I wear regularly in the summer months, but because it is a synthetic knit it can be easily be worn year round.  Instead of pumps, leather boots look fitting for the season and balance the lightness of the dress… To keep warm while still keeping the color scheme light, a camel wool cardigan by JMcLaughlin. This particular one is years old, but it is a regular staple in their shops, comes in different basic colors.  In terms of accessorizing, you could definitely go minimalist without any necklace, but here I decided on a unique statement piece.   Found this on our recent Aspen vacation…

Yes, it’s a Louis Vuitton padlock!   Edgy and fun, with both business and casual outfits.

A bold Burberry scarf was a no brainer, but what about other outerwear?

I always like outerwear to blend nicely with what’s underneath. This bargain BCBG was the perfect choice.

Camel leather gloves and a winter white beret add the finishing touches.

You may not want to wear a white head to toe, but you can still lighten up your dark winter garb…

  • Wear your white blazer. (Or get yourself one!)  If the jacket is not cotton or linen, it can be worn year round. Pair it with gray, black, and shades or red for an instant brightening effect. It’s also very cool with jeans and a simple teeshirt.
  • Shop for a winter white coat.  Winter coat sales are in full swing, it’s the perfect time to pick up an extra at a bargain price. (That’s how I bought this coat)  Revolve has some great ones now marked half price.
  • Wear your white pants.  Stay away from linen, but anything else goes! Your white jeans worn with tan boots and a black turtleneck is a very chic look that you won’t see on everyone. (Many still save their white jeans for after Memorial Day)

How do you like to brighten up your look this time of year?


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  • Love the entire outfit. I especially love the unique necklace! I brighten up my winter outfits by sometimes adding a little pop of pink (not pastel, but more of a raspberry) or I will add a little aqua (my favorite color). These colors go well with gray, brown, and black. And it can make you feel a little better when it’s been raining and cold for days on end.

    • You gave me an idea – I have an aqua scarf generally saved for summer; I love the idea of wearing it now with dark neutrals. Thanks! 🙂


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