Gone Wild

Have you ever gone shopping after having had a couple of cocktails?  It is risky business for sure and I generally would not recommend it – but  – when you’re on vacation and a new friend tells you that she went to this cool shop (Denimaxx, in Aspen) and bought some wild leggings…when she tells you that she was shopping alongside Melanie Griffith who bought several pair…you just have to go check it out!

There were many different patterns to choose from, one wilder than the next, all ‘one size fits all’.  Since I was dressed for the evening I did not bother to try them on, just quickly chose two pair. Not until I tried them on at home did I realize there was a lion’s head on my thigh!  HA!  Super cool!

They are fun, comfortable, and unique for sure. Worn here as weekend wear, paired with one of my favorite Alp-N-Rock tops, which happens to be reversible…




Here’s the back of the gray side, with a black leather ‘V’ for Vail…








And here is the back of the black side, just as interesting! Got this a few years back through the Gorsuch catalogue. 

You need not be in Colorado or Vermont to dress in cool apres-ski wear…if it’s winter, if there’s snow on the ground, it’s a chic seasonal look that shows standout style!

Oh, yes, I did say that I bought two pair, are you wondering about the second set of leggings?  Well, apparently one size does not always fit all.  The metallic snakeskin leggings were uncomfortably tight on me, no way would I enjoy them. 🙁       Never worn, I took them to Revolve in Belmont. 🙂

That’s ok, I am having plenty of fun in these! Wonder if Melanie Griffith has them too!

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