5 Things You’ll Never Catch Me In

1-  SWEATSHIRT…..don’t like them, don’t even own one….to me, they look like you just don’t care about how you look….you say they are warm and comfortable? Believe me, there are cuddly sweaters, scarves, and jackets that can keep you warm…..sweatshirts are definitely great for children – a washable and cost-effective way to keep warm as your size changes every few months – or for high school athletes that need a warm layer over their sports uniform…but on a grown man or woman? Maaayyybe on the beach…maybe. For me? No thanks.


ballet flatpants w ballet
2- BALLET FLATS….Not for me. I definitely admire this look on ladies like one in  L photo, but personally, I don’t find them at all comfortable and on my body type (short and curvy) not especially flattering…..a one inch heel, a wedge, a chunky boot, or even a fashion sneaker all feel better to me….For those that do like ballet flats, they look best with skinny jeans, straight leg pants (cropped or not), or leggings – but a big no-no with boot cut/flared trousers (as seen to R)…..For ladies in the business world, they work if your ‘message’ is feminine, practical, and/or casual, but not for conveying seniority or power.

pink capris
3 – CAPRIS….What’s wrong with capris you say? Let me put it this way: if you call them “capris”, they are likely outdated, unflattering, and matronly. Sorry but true. I am referring to the wide legged, loose fitting cotton pants that hit between the knee and midcalf – can you say “middle aged American tourist”??? A slim fitting lightweight pencil jean with the hem rolled up twice is much more current – whether blue, white, or pin striped….if the heat calls for something cooler, try a Bermuda short…….Remember, even if you aren’t at your ideal weight, a slim fit is always more flattering than saggy baggy!

4 – COLORED JEWELRY….well, maybe “never” would be an exaggeration, but you will rarely see me in colored jewelry….my collection of baubles is a combination of fine jewelry and costume – leaning more heavily on the costume side (Peter, the pressure is on…) I like gold and silver equally, pearls piled on in layers, and all shades of tortoise shell…For most days at work I prefer a classic, ‘big girl jewelry’ look – plastic statement necklaces, excessive bling, not my fave…….if I do wear one bold piece, I will keep other accessories simple.

5 – FLIP FLOPS….unless you run into me on Good Harbor Beach, you will not find me in flip flops. They are not shoes, should not be worn as shoes! Not to the mall, not to the grocery store, never to work! (But women do!!!) Whether you are 16 or 60, regardless of how many sparkles are on them, regardless of the designer label or the temperature outside – save them for the beach or pool! They are actually unsafe going up and down stairs, and also unsafe to drive in…..the ‘message’ they send?  Lazy.

Ok, ladies – I am ready to hear some opposing opinions as well as some things we will never catch YOU in! Looking forward to your comments!

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  • Candy, I agree with all 5 items, it would be tough to say which ones I hate most@ Probably cropped pants (capris). As someone said recently, why would ladies want to show off their cankles?

  • Hi Candy,
    I found your blog a few months ago and love it! I wish I could say that I don’t wear flats to work but as an ESOL teacher in kindergarten, I do wear them – every single day. I have an embarrassing amount of shoes (I stopped counting when I reached 150 pairs) but most of them are flats. I’m on my feet all day and couldn’t, wouldn’t be able to make it in heels. I’ve got an obsession with ballet flats and loafers. Comfort is key but they must be stylish too. Cole Haan is a favorite brand. However, I agree with you 100% about all of the other items on your list. I almost cringe when someone wears flip flops to work.
    Love your blog and your style. Keep it coming!
    Lori Lawson
    Apison, TN

    • Thanks Lori! I actually read an article in the WSJ this week that shoe designers are starting to make fashion forward styles in 3 different heights: flat, mid-heel, and high. That way we can choose the version that best suits our lifestyle/comfort/preference. Sounds like a great idea!

  • Hi Candy, I can’t agree with you more regarding sweatshirts and flip flops. Worn inappropriately (other than pool or gym), etc they can make a person appear lazy. I’ve never worn capris and don’t plan to anytime soon.
    The only ballet flats I own are a pair of Tieks which my daughter gave me as a gift and I must admit I enjoy wearing them in the warm weather with a casual outfit but never to work.
    I have a colored necklace that brings compliments every time I wear it. So, never say never!
    I’m enjoying your blog. You look fabulous.


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