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Welcome to Puerto Rico! Arriving in style!
Welcome to Puerto Rico! Arriving in style!

As business demands require me to travel on a regular basis, I now spend quite a bit of time waiting for flights at airports or train stations – great places for people watching but not always pleasant sights!! As our society and rules of etiquette have become less formal over the years, many men and women have lost sight that when you are at the airport or on the plane, IT IS A PUBLIC PLACE. Even if you are heading out on vacation, your only focus should not be comfort.  You should not look like you are dressing for bed, ready to do yard work, or for an evening camped out on the sofa. Show some self respect and you may be surprised to actually be treated with more respect.

Evidently it is not only fashion bloggers like me that feel this way…..my husband recently received an email from his brother who was traveling out of Logan on business – what is especially interesting: a brother who never otherwise expresses the importance of style….I share an excerpt:

“The tide of unwashed masses is filling the airport at this early hour and looks more like a toxic waste spill…I am blinded by old sweatshirts, dirty flip flops, ripped hockey shirts, and whatever passes as clothes…visually distressed this morning.” Cracked me up!

So, ladies and gentlemen, I bet you can guess what my number one travel tip is!  Drum roll…….

  1. Dress to impress!  No sweatpants, no yoga pants, no flip flops, no athletic sneakers, no maxi dresses that could double as a nightgown.  Wear a  casual, coordinated outfit with style. This does not at all mean you will sacrifice comfort – it does mean you need to spend some time/energy/money planning ahead.
  2. Be prepared for the worst.  This I learned from Ginger and it sure has come in handy…always pack aspirin, Tylenol, Bandaids, Immodium, and candied ginger  (cure for nausea)….if you travel to exotic places and want complete peace of mind, Black Bag MD is a medical service that can equip you with everything you need to be proactive against infections or a health crisis.
  3. Always pack a magnifying mirror.  For the over 40 set, no need to struggle applying your makeup – be prepared! I started out by taking a small one, now I don’t leave home without my full size, lightweight and lighted Conair mirror.  Well, at least I don’t pack the hot rollers anymore!
  4. Take at least one cuddly scarf – need not be cashmere, but must be large and soft!  Comes in handy on a chilly plane or train and adds instant chic.  Ginger always travelled with a hot pink scarf, I always take a Burberry…
  5. Collect perfume samples. Rather than packing heavy glass bottles of cologne, the women at the cosmetics counters can provide you with those small spray tube samples of your favorite scent – or use it as an opportunity to try a new one!
Off to Connecticut on business. Comfortable, stylish, prepared for weather.
Off to Connecticut on business. Comfortable, stylish, prepared for weather.
Vacation time! Got my cuddly scarf, and wearing fashion sneakers.
Vacation time! Note the cuddly scarf, fashion sneakers.

Some of you may be traveling this upcoming holiday weekend – have you planned your travel gear?  Considering the endless offerings of food, might also be wise to pick up some ginger……

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  Safe travels!

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  • I love nothing more than to leave the Chattanooga airport with it 30 degrees and arrive in Palm Beach where it’s a balmy 75. And yes, I always dress “up” for travel – coordinated layers, jewelry, and nice shoes.
    Love your LV keepall:)

  • These eyes have seen three plus decades of travel for work and leisure. They have bore witness to the changes in travel attire over that time – highs and lows. Don’t get me wrong, I want to be comfortable when I travel, especially for those long trips overseas (18+ hours!), but as I cited, the recent fashion parade at Logan took my breath away at such an early hour forcing me to comment as I could not longer contain myself. I delight in the humor you found in my note and reason to add your thoughts on how we appear in such a public forums. I like my jeans with a crisp Brooks Brothers Oxford dress shirt and leather loafers as casual travel attire. Neat and comfortable yet quite presentable. Add a sweater or a well-worn leather bomber jacket and I’m ready to go. Let’s see what “Black Friday” in Boston has to offer for visual entertainment or distress. – The Brother of Peter


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