6 Tips for Wearing Leggings

Worn with long blazer and booties; Pinterest
Worn with long blazer and booties; Pinterest

Leggings are comfortable, reasonably priced, and are a nice alternative to jeans and cords……but they can easily be a fashion disaster and look trashy, not classy……I love them, and remember that my mother did too – hers were always heavyweight and usually by Ralph Lauren…….Regardless of your age, size, or whether or not you have buns of steel, here are my 6 tips for wearing leggings:

1- Are they leggings??: if they are very stretchy, thin material, and cling to every lump and bump, they are leggings. “So what?” you say? Leggings should not be worn as pants. Once you determine which are tight pants/jeans vs. true leggings, you are halfway there! Now proceed to next five tips……
2- Tops that you wear with leggings are not the regular tops you wear with jeans: You need tunics, or sweaters that cover your bottom, and ideally the top 1/3 of your thighs…if the top ends at the top of your thighs it is not usually flattering…loose and flowy tops work well, asymmetrical tunics, or layering a long blazer over a shirt is another great look…..tops that look like a miniskirt are also fun, or you can wear a true mini over your leggings, as long as you wear a loose top too.
3 – Shoe must balance your outfit: boots are an easy choice, ankle boots/booties are also great….unless you are very slim all over, a ballet flat can be tricky to pull off without looking too top heavy…..try a Converse colored sneaker for an urban/edgy look! High heels can also work if you keep your look simple and cover your butt!
4 – Leggings are not for the office: They are casual wear, NOT business casual wear. “But, but, but”, you say? NO. If you want to climb the ladder of success, save your leggings for after work. (Unless your work environment is truly casual!)
5 – Leggings are not only for the young and skinny. Whatever your age or size, if you style them correctly, they work. Did you get the “if”???
6 – Don’t get in a legging rut: Alternate leggings with real pants that have zippers, alternate with jeans…..just like sweatpants, stretchy leggings are so comfy they can be all you want to wear, so you don’t notice when your jeans feel a bit too snug and the pounds creep on…..not good!!!

Yours truly in leggings with long tunic and booties
Yours truly in leggings with long tunic and booties
Pinterest photo; mini skirt over leggings with boots
Pinterest photo; mini skirt over leggings with boots
Me again!  Loose silk blouse and patent pumps
Me again! Loose silk blouse and patent pumps – not true leggings really; these are waxed denim so heavyweight

Leggings may not be for everyday, but they are perfect for wearing on the airplane, for entertaining at home, and especially for holiday gatherings (comfort as you eat yourself into oblivion…). Do you like leggings? What’s your ‘go to’ top and shoe choice?

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  • Thanks Candy….great advice. I love the jacket pairing idea and of course agree they need the right top to pull it off. Yes, it is easy to make them a go to outfit since they are to comfortable. Agree on where to wear them …..great input.


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