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013 As a business woman (or man!), having a professional head shot is important whether it is on your website, or to be used in media such as Linked In – it is never ok to put a picture from a wedding or a party – despite how great you looked – in a business site…….our company had a photographer take our photos a few years back (see that pic on ‘About Me’ page), and due to the number of new hires since then, we had him return last week – thought I might as well update mine! Plan was for Monday morning – being detail oriented as I am, I emailed our entire office a reminder to look their best. That morning, I took extra time with my hair and makeup, pressed my favorite Anne Fontaine blouse, wore an outfit I wasn’t necessarily in the mood for, but was good for a photo…..”Morning everyone! Ready for your closeups??”, as I entered the office……..”Oh, nobody told you? He’s not coming until next week, his wife had a baby last night.” What???……. No, nobody told me….growl, growl….Ok, no big deal, here we are, one week later, actually wearing something different than originally intended…How did I decide what to wear:

– Black jacket to convey very serious image
– Ivory blouse: simple conservative style (ivory is also better than white which can be harsh in photos)
– Simple gold necklace and delicate gold hoops to convey upscale image (yet not be too distracting)
– Chose a lipstick that was not too bright, but gave definition
– Nothing below the waist mattered, so I went for wild!

Ginger's wool cape
Ginger’s wool cape

Being a cool day in April, it was too chilly to go without a coat, but not chilly enough for a winter coat – Ginger’s black wool cape (bought many years ago in New York) was perfect – off I go, ready for my head shot!

Final result, by Dan Cutrona
Final result, by Dan Cutrona

Have you had a professional photo taken? Perhaps it was many years ago, do you look different? Maybe time for an update?

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