Ladies Who Lunch

Geena Davis at The Fairfield County Luncheaon
Geena Davis at The Fairfield County Luncheaon

In my position at Privatus I am responsible for business development for a private pay nursing company….initially founded in Boston, in the past two years we have expanded to CT, New York, and New Jersey……in the newer markets it is important to be visible in the community, to show support and a true presence – which is why I attended the Fund for Women and Girls Luncheon in Greenwich, CT on April 9th…..aside from accomplishing my goal and meeting a few nice ladies at my table, it was an absolute visual delight for the part of me that loves fashion! Here were SEVEN HUNDRED AND TEN “ladies who lunch”, who could really have their choice of any shoe, purse, scarf, dress, etc. – a well heeled crowd to say the least…..sorry, but it would not have been politically correct for me to be snapping pictures, but in my head I sure did! Here is what I noticed on this damp, chilly day in April:

– Wide variety of leg wear – many in black opaques, many in sheer natural hose, and quite a few with bare legs. (Brrrrr!)
– Those with bare legs wore very high heels, and had legs of a dancer (or someone who worked out regularly).
– Some wore black suede boots, but most wore high heeled pumps.
– The vast majority wore neutral colors; black, beige, gray, navy…lots of black.
– Quite a few wore capes over a jacket.
– Lots of leather: leather skirts, great leather jackets, leather trim as accents.
– Plenty of statement jewelry; not classic pearls and diamond studs, but chunky bling, especially necklaces.
– Chanel handbags left and right! Otherwise purses were without obvious logo/brand.

Theory blazer, LKBennet dress, Wolford stockings, Gucci boots
Theory blazer, LKBennet dress, Wolford stockings, Gucci boots

This is what I wore, after I checked my black hooded rain jacket….my goal was to show seriousness with a sense of style, and my stockings were warm yet light and fun….I actually was asked to pose for a photo!!! (Really???? MOI???)

Geena Davis was a delightful speaker – funny, genuine, bright, and interesting….she spoke about women’s roles in the media and how we are inaccurately represented….one example that stood out to me was that in scenes in the movies, all groups (even a general crowd scene) will generally be composed of only 17% women – not a true reflection of life….this can have a negative impact on a young woman’s self-esteem as a smaller representation says ‘less important’….will have to take notice…..Geena wore an ivory fitted sheath dress and looked great – she also shared interesting anecdotes about auditioning for Thelma and Louise, and about her days as a student at Boston University (my alma mater!)…all in all, an afternoon that was certainly entertaining in many ways.

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