Drizzly Day

Ciao Milano jacket
Ciao Milano jacket

One lesson that sticks in my head from Ginger is “always dress according to the weather”…..sure, makes sense to me, especially when you are outdoors a good part of the day and you live in New England where weather can be nasty! Now that spring is here we can say goodbye to the heavy coats, but we should be ready for the raindrops….on this particular drizzly day, I layered a thin rain jacket over a blazer and cotton shirt….comfortable, neat, and practical…

Theory blazer, DVF skirt
Theory blazer, DVF skirt

015007 I found this jacket at a shop in CT and liked it instantly because of the generous hood which is actually detachable; the back is cut full which adds style as well as comfort…..it folds up nicely so will be good for traveling.

Ok, let’s move on to my skirt, a DVF found last year at Revolve – the ‘pop of color’ on a gloomy day…..what color is it????? Green or yellow????
To me, it is clearly a bright yellow, but everyone on this day said they liked my “green” skirt!!!! Green???? I grabbed yellow post-its to make my point, found a coworker with a green sweater to compare, to no avail! Am I color blind??? What do you say????

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  • I would call it chartreuse. Anyway, it looks great with black. It’s essential to have a hooded raincoat if you live in a rainy climate! Umbrellas can be unwieldy, especially on a windy day!


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