A White Delight

White on white is a great summer look that is easily created with old basics that may be hiding in your closet…

I had not worn either of these pieces all summer – the linen shirt needed to be ironed, and the white cotton pencil skirt, well, it was fresh from the dry cleaner from last year, part of my more ‘dressed up’ summer work wardrobe…what the heck, why not wear these?? Both pieces are years old, but timeless in every way…

The blue necklace is actually one very long strand that I just wrapped up as a choker…it’s fun because you can wear it many different ways…(even with a bikini!)

A new addition to my bracelet collection, a gold leather sea knot by Kiel James Patrick – a fun nautical piece! It’s called “The Fortunate Sailor”!

If only I was headed out to sea today….hahaha…I can dream! Back to reality heading out with my vegan ‘no-name’ handbag…

The Bottom Line:

  • Wearing white with white instantly adds an element of sophistication to separates.
  • Whites need not match exactly!
  • Try mixing up fabrics; linen with polished cotton, or a knit with a smooth synthetic.
  • To keep the look soft, avoid black shoes; nude/beige shoes allow the white to wow!
  • Accessories can give you many different looks; go bold and go gold!

Stay well. Dress well. Enjoy the NOW.

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