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On a recent Monday morning, pondering what the heck should I wear today?? Something comfortable, of course, but something that looks professional on the growing number of Zoom calls…these white pants (Theory) are a step up from jeans and super comfy, so I’m off to a good start…

The blouse is from Ann Taylor and this was actually the first time I wore it this year…it was tucked in the back of my closet when COVID hit, didn’t think I would be in the mood for a bow tie blouse….but alas, it felt good! It felt so good to wear something a little bit more dressed up.

For a more laid back topper, I went with a black linen ‘duster’ by Eileen Fisher…perfectly professional yet relaxed at the same time.

Almost ready to Zoom! Wearing the right clothing is a good first step, but it takes a few more things to look your best on a video call:

  • Select an interesting background. Ideally choose a space that has a combination of textures – maybe curtains, a plant, and/or furniture. A plain white background can make you look like you are in a jail cell! My usual spot has a large wall poster behind me, not ideal because it can be distracting. I angle my laptop so only part of it shows. When all else fails try a virtual backgrounds that looks like you are in an office or a coffee shop!
  • Be sure that the height of your laptop is level with your face. I always put my laptop on a thick book, it’s a super easy adjustment. Nobody wants to be looking up your nose or at your spinning ceiling fan. :-)
  • Fill at least 1/4 of your Zoom screen with your face. If you are too far away from your phone/laptop, you look tiny, far away, timid, and uninterested – none of these are good!
  • Last of all but most important – lighting! To look your best, you MUST have light in front of you, not behind you, and not above you. Facing a window is great, or play with positioning lamps. I use a ring light that I bought on Amazon – there are many different versions at all price points from small clip-ons to standing lights. Glad to answer any questions if you’re interested in purchasing one.

Stay well. Dress well. Enjoy the NOW.

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