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While  fashion is my #1 passion, for Ginger it was her home, and home décor….she had a great eye for style and detail and probably could have made a living as a decorator….I too love a beautiful home, but as a busy working woman it is not always easy to find the time to shop for home décor items……well, on a recent Sunday afternoon, I did find the time and Peter was happy to join me….we went to Nesting in Concord Center, a fabulous shop of unique home accessories and antiques (cool jewelry too!)………we had a very specific mission in mind:  to find antlers!   Antlers and other items to create a wall arrangement in our living room…..this Southwestern theme seemed to evolve over the past few years as I decorate more with animal prints and Aztec fabric….even purchased a cool buffalo pillow on a recent ski trip to Jackson Hole……(Peter actually was open to buying a whole animal head – no, thank you)……the idea of antlers appealed to both of us as a way to add more character and detail to the room…..we had been talking about it for quite awhile, now was time to finally take action!……….Soooo – not only did we find antlers, we found an old frame to display them in! peter frame Taking our time, we poked through the shop, literally looking high and low to find interesting items to display on either side of the frame…..I looked for items of different shapes and textures to be more visually appealing…..a large tin square with hammered leaf shapes, a tin heart, a wreath of antlers to which I attached a glittery seaweed fan…….oh, and when I discovered that a skunk skin was ‘not for sale’, Peter found us a mink!

Laying them first on the floor to plan the design

peter mink
Always a comedian!

As soon as we got home, Peter pulled out his ladder and I starting arranging the pieces on the floor in various ways to best fit the space on the wall…..even used an old arrow we already had to complete the asymmetrical balance…(was also good to keep the potentially dangerous arrow away from our grandson Henry!)peter on ladder


living room 2
We are thrilled with the results and how it makes everything in the room look better…..the total cost was just under $500 and it took us about four hours from start to finish. A fun project, definitely a team effort.  So glad we took the time!  🙂

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