Animal Attraction

When the animal print trend exploded this past fall I considered giving all my leopard/zebra prints a rest for awhile so I wouldn’t blend in with the masses, being a self-declared lover of ‘standout’ style. Fat chance. I have been wearing them as much as ever and will continue to do so! Here is a merino wool sleeveless DVF dress that I have had for several years…wearing it with a black cotton blouse underneath gives it a whole new look…

Adding a fitted ‘equestrian’ style blazer gives the outfit a more professional look, perfect for a business casual setting. The leather ‘riding’ boots are also several years old – they look this good because of regular polishing, plastic boot shapers, and annual visits to the cobbler. (Ginger lessons!)

And you must have noticed the earrings? Would you call them ‘animal print’?? Either way, I am obsessed! Found them last year in Aspen…

Yessirree, obsessed is right. Oh, this ice bucket? Horsehair and stainless steel, by Isaac Mizrahi. On clearance at TJMaxx for a mere $8. Are ya kidding??? Who could resist???

OK, back to the outfit! You see that I did not choose a leopard scarf, instead, a classic Burberry plaid. The colors work well together and the plaid is a good balance…

And as for a coat – you can’t beat a Mackage. You can find them at Mackage shops (there’s one in SoHo in NYC), and at other fine department stores. I have seen them pop up at Revolve, so keep an eye out! This one I found a few years back at Green Envy in Stowe, Vermont. It was a size too big for me but it was on SALE and I loved it. That’s why you need a really great tailor – a couple of alterations (length and width) and viola! (If the shoulders fit, that’s what matters most; if the shoulders are too big, you should take a pass…)

And last but not least, no need to stick to a brown handbag because of the brown boots…the two-toned bag is a nice pop against the dark colors, and I love the unexpected white in winter.

Bring on the animal prints, this gal is lovin’ them all! How about you??

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