Three Degrees

What is your ‘go-to’ work outfit when temperatures are in the single digits? Many women have shared with me that it is pants, that they never wear dresses or skirts when it’s really cold. Hmmm. Unless you are wearing flannel lined wool pants with knee socks, I don’t get it. My work pants are not tight like jeans, so there is room for cold air to find my skin. Brrrr! To me, there is nothing warmer than tights. Tights with fitted suede boots and wool separates keeps you toasty. Shown here: a Burberry cashmere turtleneck with a Theory A-lined skirt. The boots are by Aquatalia – not only warm, but also water resistant, so just as good for snowy/slushy days.

But a thin cashmere sweater is not enough for 3 degrees! Bring on another layer! This one is an ivory ‘boyfriend’ cardigan by Rag and Bone. What makes it a ‘boyfriend’ cardigan? The oversized, long style, as if you borrowed it from your honey…This one is a cashmere blend and I normally don’t like sweaters worn with sweaters, but the textures were different enough – and it was COLD!

The oversized style is a nice balance to the slim fitting sweater and skirt…

Did you notice my cuff bracelet in the pics? Quite an interesting piece that was a gift from a dear friend on the occasion of my 60th birthday…this company makes bracelets that are all made out of scrap metal from ‘crashed’ luxury cars…

Yup! Mine is a Maserati! 🙂

Ok, let’s get back to the warm outfit! Getting ready to hit the road, time to add outerwear accessories – a heavy-weight Burberry scarf and a wool beret that I have had forever…looking somewhat French, no? 😉

And must not forget gloves! These are unlined leather driving gloves – certainly not the warmest, but I only have to go from house to car, then car to office. They are warm enough for that, they are comfortable, and I love how they look. Sermoneta brand.

Ready to brace the single digits! Are you?

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  • Candy, I will never again complain about the cold weather here. It got down into the 30s this weekend. I was so mad because a few days earlier, it was in the 60s! I thought spring was here. So I had a few choice things to say when it got so cold again. But single digits? I don’t think I could do it! Love the entire outfit – especially your beret. And that bracelet – wow! How cool!


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