I love SAM

Before I introduce you to SAM, let me share with you how we met. Do you believe in love at first sight? 😉 On an ordinary Saturday in December, I was out doing errands, and as I often do, I popped into Revolve in Belmont Center to check out what treasures may have surfaced…there was a short puffer jacket on a mannequin in the window that caught my eye; it looked both glamorous and warm, and it had a generous hood. The size was extra-small so I gave it a try. Damn! I could zip it up, but way too tight in the chest. Too bad because it was a GREAT jacket. The brand? SAM!

If it was too tight, how could I possibly be wearing it? Good question!

I did not buy the extra small jacket. Once I got home the online search began for this jacket in a size small. While it was backordered for a few weeks, it would soon be available through Bloomingdales – hooray!!! Not hooray. The delivery came in the mail, I excitedly put it on – still too tight in the chest!! What the heck??? I don’t like my clothing loose, but even with just a tee underneath it was tight. Ugh. Should I give up, or try a medium?

The medium was finally a success! And even better, it was now discounted 30% with the after Christmas sales! Certainly took a bit of effort, but SAM was worth it…

What I love about this jacket: while it is down filled and SUPER warm, the belted style and shiny outer fabric makes it glamorous. The length is perfect because it keeps your butt warm. It is casual and toasty with standout style!

Final message:

Finding a great piece of clothing – or a great partner in life – takes a combination of desire, effort and persistence. 😉

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  • Love the glamorous puffer. I have 2 (French blue and aqua blue). Neither are what I would call dressy. I didn’t know a puffer could be made to look more sophisticated. But yours certainly does!


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