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075 No, this is not a trick photo – that is really me wearing a ‘sweatshirt’…..of sorts….is by NSF, a company founded in 2005, known for its understated cool appeal….and in the past year, you may have noticed that wearing athletic wear as day wear is more and more acceptable….does this mean wearing your real gym clothes all day? Heavens, no……. However, there may be a piece or two that could be worn with regular clothes, blended seamlessly into your casual wardrobe….it all depends on what you put together and where you are going……for example, yoga pants with a long tunic, a fitted blazer and riding boots – a cute and easy casual look…..Or how about this NSF top….It is not something I would wear to the gym, and I NEVER wear sweatshirts…so why this one? The main reason is the fit – it is intentionally a shrunken fit which makes it flattering, not frumpy…the fabric is soft as butter and the cut off sleeves with the layered look gives it an edgy style…..a great top for casual wear…077061 To keep the look current, here I wore the top with skinny waxed jeans and metallic sneakers by Joseph Seibel….a Converse sneaker or a bootie would look equally cute – just be sure to stay away from your real gym sneakers!  For a jacket?  Try leather for an urban look, a thin quilted puffy for everyday, or a pea coat for a more polished look……082080 You may have noticed me repeat a certain word a few times: casual……..NOT Business Casual……..I could not disagree more with a Boston University student recently quoted in the Boston Globe (10/31):  She says, “They’re (yoga pants) great for business casual. As long as your butt isn’t showing, they’re very dressy.”  :-0

NO!   Do you wear them to the gym? Have you slept in them? That’s where you draw the line.  Don’t be lazy!  Ok, ok, enough preaching.   On this very subject, here’s a popular YouTube video that should have you laughing all day….. Hope you enjoy!

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  • Glad to see you looking so well happy and healthy; seems this is your main interest these days. Or are you still at the firm, Privatus? Best, D

    • Hi Deb! I am very much still at Privatus, busy as ever….this is my sideline fun…..who knows where it might lead! Where are YOU these days?

  • I puzzle over the way so many women look like they never pay attention to how they look. While many are simply lazy, I get a feeling that a lot of women would like to look nicer, but are somehow afraid of the attention. I get a lot of compliments on they way I put myself together, and those women who comment positively on how I look often follow it by an embarrassed reference to their own appearance. They say, I feel like I should do something about my appearance”. And I think “what’s stopping you?”

    • Interesting….maybe you should ask them that! Or tell them about one of your favorite shops……:-)

  • LOVE,LOVE,LOVE this look Boss! Best “non” work outfit I have seen you in. You look adorable. I am off to check out the website.


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