Weekend with Henry

Henry and me, Saturday morning in Lexington Center
Henry and me, Saturday morning in Lexington Center

Funny how you don’t fully appreciate your parents for certain things until you are older and have an enlightening experience….When my two children were very young, my mother and father babysat regularly, sometimes for multiple days in a row for a vacation. OMG. Peter and I just had 16 month old Henry for ONE night this weekend – Saturday morning until Sunday evening, and it was nonstop. Don’t get me wrong, it was absolutely wonderful and we look forward to doing it again, but I never really realized how physically exhausting it is to be on acute alert at all times, and to play, play, play…sing, sing, sing….dance, dance, dance….chase, chase, chase….feed, bathe, change, dress….etc. Thanks to excellent teamwork with Peter, I still managed to get my makeup on and look presentable with outfits geared toward comfort (but no yoga pants!)…one day (pictured above) I wore cream corduroys, comfy wedge shoes and a lightweight puffer; the next day leggings, a tunic, and flat boots…..funny quick story: took Henry on Saturday to Michelson’s Shoe store in Lexington for new sneakers – the same place I had gone for my own children’s sneakers, often with Ginger in tow….Gerry, the same terrific guy who helped me years ago, helped us with Henry….as I was looking at the options for toddler shoes, I told Gerry, “It’s a good thing Henry is a boy, there is not one ‘girl’ sneaker here I would buy.” (They were ALL pink and purple and loaded with glitter – Disney princess on steroids)….Without missing a beat he said, “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, does it??”  That’s right!

Papou and Henry Sunday morning
Papou and Henry Sunday morning

We found a pair of navy/lime velcro Saucony sneakers that worked out just fine and tried them out the next day shooting hoops with Papou (Greek for grandpa)….the weather was in our favor so we spent a lot of time outdoors, playing in the leaves, climbing and exploring at the park…we structured our two days very carefully to make things as comfortable as possible for Henry and as easy as possible for us…….Now – as luck would have it, guess what shop opened this very same weekend on Newbury Street??? REVOLVE!  That’s ok, no need to go opening weekend…..I will wait until next weekend – no way am I dragging Henry to Newbury Street…….”Why don’t you just pop in for an hour when Henry goes down for his nap?”, says the amazing Papou on Sunday morning……My heart beats faster….could I really pull this off?  What if Henry wakes up and wants ‘Gigi’?  Will I be back in time? Will Peter be ok?………………Decision made:  off I go!

Revolve at 262 Newbury Street, Boston
Revolve at 262 Newbury Street, Boston

When I couldn’t find a parking space right away I almost turned back and went home, but the stars were in my favor, a space was found…..the shop is on the small side but there are many great finds already – like the other Revolve shops, you feel like you are shopping in a chic boutique, not at all the feel of second hand store……I quickly tried on and purchased a great Ted Baker dress (needs to be shortened, otherwise perfect fit) and decided to pass on these sexy leopard pumps – my size (39), but a bit tight….maybe good for one of  you???

Ted Baker dress, gold zipper up back - under $100
Ted Baker dress, gold zipper up back – under $100
LKBennet pump, size 39 Under $100
LKBennet pump, size 39
Under $100

Happy for a bit of personal time, I rushed back home and was there before Henry even woke up from his nap…..snack time, more play time, dinner time, then reunited with mom and dad…..an enriching and ‘enlightening’ weekend all around.

Gigi and Papou collapsed in bed before 9:00.  🙂



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  • The New Balance outlet store…in Alston, right down the street from the Arsenal and Carter outlet, is my new favorite place for kid’s sneakers. I prefer tie shoes and I love Red kicks on little boys. At under $20, I bought Jack 6 pairs for $100. Classic 594’s just like Ben Afflecks in Gone Girl…too adorable and with very good support.Lots of other styles (some with velcro…can you say old men need velcro, not toddlers) and they also come in wide. His 1st pair was purchased at Norsrtoms this summer for $45. No more Michelson’s or Nordstroms for this MeMe !

    • OMG, thank you so much!!!!! I didn’t know where else to go – appreciate your point about Velcro too. Thank goodness there is another local option.
      Thanks MeMe!!!!!

  • I’m so glad you bought that dress…it was made for you! Revolve loves Newbury Street…high fashion and style everywhere…so inspiring! We are already getting fabulous clothes after just a few days! Thanks for always supporting local business. Michelson’s and Revolve, we try harder!!


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