Anything But Basic

Anna Molinari sweater, Joana Baraschi skirt
Anna Molinari sweater, Joana Baraschi skirt

Some women have a closet full of jeans – for me, it’s a closet full of black. Black sweaters, black skirts, black dresses, black jackets, black pants…sometimes things all blend together and I go nuts looking for a certain black top! Black on black can be a great, sophisticated look, but it can also look like you are going to a funeral or trying to blend into the background.  Not your intention?  To have your look be “anything but basic”, keep these few tips in mind:

    • Wear pieces of various textures.  Pair leather with knit, or something shiny with a flat finish….in above outfit, the sheer sleeves and satin (shiny) waistband offer balance to the knit pieces.  Avoid any one fabric head to toe.
    • Let a peek of skin offset all the black.  Bare your arms, maybe your shoulders, or some leg!  These stockings by Wolford show some skin and adds visual interest to the solid black.
    • Wearing all black can be a great base for contrasting outerwear – a winter white coat, a camel coat (very Ginger), or how about hot pink?
    • A little color on your face goes a long way. With a black top, be sure to wear a tinted moisturizer, and/or a bit of blush or lip color – otherwise you are headed to the funeral.  Here I wore a soft lip color to not be too ‘matchy’ with the jacket.
Wolford tights and suede Gucci boots
Wolford tights and suede Gucci boots


JCrew jacket
JCrew jacket, Prada sunglasses

Found this JCrew jacket at Revolve in Belmont Center – knew it would be a great statement piece with all my black…
Other outfit facts:

  • This Anna Molinari sweater I purchased at least six years ago…initially I wore it only for ‘special occasions’ and wore it with a very dressy skirt with velvet trim….now I wear it to work! Why not?
  • The pencil skirt is also something I have had for years and is machine washable –  an extremely versatile piece for any lifestyle.
  • Kept the jewelry simple.  With such beautiful details in the sweater, no need to overdo accessories. Small earrings, no necklace, no flashy bling.  My watch and the buckles on the booties added just enough gold accent.
  • No grandma cardigan sweater.  (Yeah, I am a grandma, but not ready to look like one!)  Chilly in the office? Have a wrap handy or throw your jacket on your shoulders.  🙂

Could you go one whole week without wearing any black?


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