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Some of my "good bags" from a variety of shops
Some of my “good bags” from a variety of shops

After spending an enjoyable summer evening for dinner at a friends home, it was time to leave and we were gathering our things, among of which were a few treats for our new grandson….”Let me get you a bag,” my friend said – her husband followed with “Oh yes, she has a collection of them.” Really??? It’s not just me? (And Ginger for sure!) Someone else likes to collect “good bags”??? We had quite a chuckle as she showed me her collection and we talked about what makes a bag worth saving.

– A nice handle, preferably made out of fabric ribbon or heavy cording
– Heavy weight material, easily reusable
– Visually appealing, artistic in design
– Unique, a conversation piece

Friend's sampling of bags
Friend’s sampling of bags

It seems we both have a “bag of bags” – collected over the years – and will hand them out to relatives and friends when there is a need – I often pass out containers of leftovers after a holiday, or have a few items of hand-me-downs to put in a bag….they can be used to carry non-perishable items to the beach, when your beach bag is too full, or numerous other uses transporting party favors, baked goods, etc…..Because these bags are so nice, it makes sense to reuse them, pass them on, let someone else possibly enjoy… times I have even used a bag as a home décor item, a Chanel bag from the cosmetics department, seen below….

Decorating with a paper bag!
Decorating with a paper bag!
"Good bag" full of cookout leftovers
“Good bag” full of cookout leftovers
My bag of bags.
My bag of bags.

My son-in-law, Tyler, has actually started a bag collection of his own….it is quite funny – yet appreciated – when I am at their home and he will offer me a “good bag”.

Question of the day: Is anyone else out there a bag lady???? 🙂

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  • Well, it would seem very wasteful to just throw these bags away! I find myself wishing they would stop giving these out, since they do eventually end up in the landfill. When I shop at Sephora, I usually tell them to skip the bag, those little bags have limited use.


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