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Great display of Rose wine at Cambridge Wine and Spirits
Great display of Rose wine at Cambridge Wine and Spirits

Growing up with Ginger, cocktails and wine were enjoyed regularly, but never in excess, and never beer (she did not think it was ladylike for a woman to drink beer)…..I can remember Paul Masson Chablis or Burgundy, later progressed to Chardonnay and Pinot Grigio…..Kris Pinot Grigio with the lipstick kiss on the label was one of her favorites…….just a few years ago Rose was introduced to me by a clerk in a liquor store who said they were “fun to drink in the sun”……Really? I was intrigued, I am now hooked and so are hundreds of other people judging from their popularity…..supposedly there was a shortage this summer in the Hamptons because it was in such demand, and in any trendy Boston restaurant you can spot “dry Rose” in many a wine glass…….
– This is NOT to be confused with white zinfandel, which is sugary sweet.
– This is not the Rose of years ago, also sugary sweet.
– It is made from red grapes, juice is strained from the skin before it gets too dark.
– They come from a variety of places, my favorites from France or Spain.
– They do not improve with age! Buy last year’s vintage or this year.
– Ask for “dry rose” in a restaurant….some may not have it…
– Try it with club soda on ice (garnish with a few raspberries) to cut calories.

My choices this week
My choices this week

Crazy as it seems, I enjoy choosing my Rose by the look – the shape of the bottle, the shade of pink, the pretty label – they are visual delights and I have not once been disappointed in the taste.

A gorgeous deep Rose!
A gorgeous deep Rose!

Rose wine comes out in the spring, but there are still plenty available now…..pour yourself some ‘pink’ and go relax in the September sun! :-)

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