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Calypso gauze scarf, Trina Turk swimsuit, Calypso shorts
Calypso gauze scarf, Trina Turk swimsuit, Calypso shorts

Here we are at the beginning of August – some beach days behind us, and plenty still ahead….by now you can quickly pack your cooler, grab your beach chair, a good book and off you go! First things first: remember to cut off your bathing suit tags! Every time I am at the beach I notice countless women whose tags are sticking out of their bikini bottom, “taggin'” as I call it…..with a simple snip of the scissors you will have a much neater look.


Ok, now we are neat, let’s talk glam. Even in her later years, Ginger always was glamorous at the beach – usually a dramatic one-piece with a wide brimmed hat…..Glamour at a Caribbean resort or in Las Vegas is surely different than on a beach in Maine or on the Cape, but no need to be boring…..sometimes all it takes is a stylish cover up, or adding a scarf or jewelry….and while nice cover ups can be pricey, they need not be only for the beach – you can wear them as a top to get more bang for your buck!
In photo above, I started out my day with this gauze pink/orange scarf around my neck with a pink tee shirt over the swimsuit, intending to bike along the shore…it turned out that we walked on the beach instead and it was very windy, so I tried the scarf on my head – instant glamour! (I felt like Grace Kelly!) This scarf would also work well as a sarong, so very versatile….

LeTarte silk cover up; Everything But Water
LeTarte silk cover up; Everything But Water

Here is an example of a cover up I have worn both on and off the beach…it looks great over a turquoise bikini, and equally fabulous over white or blue jeans or even shorts…..because it is sheer, I wear a cocoa colored camisole underneath and belt it with a wide western belt – it was not a bargain purchase, so nice to get more use out of it.

Tunic bought in St Maarten, worn as cover up
Tunic bought in St Maarten, worn as cover up
Same tunic worn as a top
Same tunic worn as a top

This orange piece I found when vacationing in St Maarten – it came in many different colors and I wish I had another! It came with a self belt as seen above, but sometimes I will wear a wide leather belt, or pair it with jeans.

Glamorous Ginger.....note the cute red shoes!
Ginger glam……note the cute red shoes!

What is your favorite beach style or cover up? And, tell me, do you cut your tags off??? 🙂

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  • I remove the labels/tags from every garment I wear. I prefer to use a seam ripper to totally remove the tag, but depending on fabric and how it was installed, that’s not always possible. Tags are SCRATCHY, and of course they ruin the appearance of a garment. It is amazing how many people walk around with tags hanging out.


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