Black Basics

Hey – this isn’t my kitchen! Haha, no, I am starting this post with a hotel selfie to share the first way I wore this terrific basic black piece by Eileen Fisher (found at Revolve)…please note that I did not call it a ‘sweater’ though it might be defined that way…to me it’s way more sophisticated than a typical ‘cardigan’ and really more a piece to pull an outfit together than to be warm. Get it?

The fabric is linen and nylon, it is lightweight, and it’s a chic yet more casual alternative to a blazer…in above pic I wore it with a white cotton skirt and a fitted Wolford scoop neck top.

Adding the silk neck wrap and gold hoops added just the right amount of glamour for a business meeting – off I went!

Back at home on another day I paired this piece with another versatile black basic: Avenue Montaigne trousers, found at Sole Amour in Winchester.

Finding a pair of black pants may seem easy, but not really! The fabric, the style, the fit, the waistline, the length – all these details can vary tremendously and the differences can be flattering or quite unflattering to your body type…some styles look good with certain shoes, some fabrics are season specific, some require a belt, some are strictly casual, some are dressy. When you find black pants that are comfortable, flattering, need no belt, can be worn year round dressy or casual, and look great with your shoes, it’s like winning the lottery!

But instead of cashing in your ticket, you may have to splurge instead. (These are not a bargain.) Hear me out. Doesn’t it make sense to splurge on a basic like this that you will wear and enjoy over and over again? Ladies, this is an ‘investment piece’, the cost per wear is low though the initial cost may seem high. ;-) They are fabulous.

The white top is an old favorite from JMcLaughlin…

Popping up the collar adds a fun touch and nicely sets off the bold necklace…to pop or not to pop is up to you! (Did you know that the orgin of popping the collar came from sailors and tennis players protecting their necks from the sun?)

While the necklace looks heavy, it is actually light as a feather!

But not as light as my furry friend! Love this oversized pom pom that can be used as a handbag decoration or as a keychain – or do both! Much like the necklace, it delivers a dramatic look without weighing me down.

So today I shared two black basics – one was a bargain, one a splurge, so they balance each other. ;-) What other black basics are essential for a stylish wardrobe? Here are my top ten picks…

  • A black pencil skirt (ideally in a year round fabric)
  • A black turtleneck (at least one in cashmere)
  • Black sexy high heeled boots
  • A black blazer
  • A plain black short sleeved fitted tee
  • Black jeans
  • A black sheath dress
  • Black bra
  • Black leggings
  • Black slip-on sneakers

How many of these do YOU have? Time to go shopping???

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  • Love all the pieces of your outfits and the pants are divine. I have all the items on your list except for black high heeled boots. I have 2 pair of flat heeled black boots. I just can’t do heels at work.


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