Amber Eyes

Going in a different direction today, I would like to introduce you to an outstanding country band: Amber Eyes! A band of four supremely talented musicians based in the Boston area. Their music is infectious, it gets you on your feet, and at times may get you teary. But there is much more here than just great music. Here there is a love story.

At about this same time last year my son (sitting center) was busy with work, where he is the owner of a private music school, ‘Play Out Loud’. In addition to his teaching business he was also performing on a regular basis at weddings, and other social venues…as if that were not enough he also created music in the ‘Brad Goff Band’, which plays a fusion of instrumental music genres in ‘jazzy’ type places. And with great enthusiasm on a regular basis, Brad always made time to spend with family and join our Sunday dinners, bringing along various girlfriends from time to time.

But at this same time last year – the new girlfriend (in above pic) was clearly different. One small yet significant example: As the family was sitting down to a Sunday dinner, Brad offered her a ‘good’ dining room chair as opposed to a folding chair we used to accommodate the growing gang. :-0 My daughter and I instantly looked at each other with wide eyes! Whoa! She must be special.

He spoke frequently and seriously of Jillian with clear admiration – this “incredibly talented” girl who had her own country band and traveled quite a bit pursuing her career…”She’s amazing” I heard many, many times. She was looking for a guitarist to join her band. The rest is history. 🙂

Every mother wants their children to be happy, right? We may think we could easily choose our son or daughter’s partner, but aside from matching up basic ‘qualifications’, you can’t predict chemistry. Ohhh, but you sure can see it. Not only are Brad and Jillian obviously compatible and enjoying each other as a couple, but my son has literally blossomed as a person. There is a joy that radiates from him that I never saw before, and he is writing music and singing like I never heard before. Jillian Jensen, I am so very glad that your life crossed paths with Brad.

Here’s a pic from late May when they opened for ‘Old Dominion’!

Here’s a pic from a recent concert at The Burren in Somerville where they released their first album!

Here’s the audience after the concert, clearly enjoying every moment! (Can you find me?)

And here’s my 87 year old dad and me after the concert. (Yeah, this pic is a bit unrelated to the story but it’s so nice that I had to include it!)

Finally, I leave you with one of the many wonderful songs by Amber Eyes, this particular one written by Brad. It was inspired by his niece and nephew while considering some tough life options. Hope you enjoy. 🙂

Amber Eyes, Here To Watch You Grow

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