Here I am, dressed for work, entering my kitchen ‘office’. While most days I dress a bit more casually, on this particular day of week twelve I reached for a navy pinstriped sheath dress, one of my ‘bosslady’ power dresses…

Why not??? It’s a knit so it couldn’t be more comfortable, and as soon as I put it on it made me SMILE…as I have said before, dressing well through this pandemic gives me a sense of normalcy, a sense of control, a sense that I am still ME.

What has actually been a fun challenge is changing up how I style certain pieces when working from home…previously with this dress I have worn a Chanel pin, a pearl choker, and for shoes, nude or gold pumps – needed to tone it down for the home setting so I chose bold tortoise-shell earrings and metallic block heels that are super comfortable!

Feels just right, now all I need is a wrap of some sort…

Again, why not??? ;-) We can all use a bit of luxury to lift our spirits these days…if you are ‘saving’ something for a special occasion, the special time is NOW – enjoy your good stuff, even at home, even for a takeout dinner…

Speaking of takeout, we haven’t done much of it because ‘yours truly’ turns the ‘office kitchen’ into a real kitchen after hours…it has actually felt therapeutic, similar to dressing, by having control over creating something good. Soooo, there are plenty of trips to the grocery store, which is where I was heading in this pic…

Pre-pandemic, wear a denim jacket on a work day, with a sheath dress? Of course not! But now? Not only do I like the laid back look, it actually feels right for these times…

Off for a quick run to the grocery store, then bosslady is back to business!

Tip of the day: Doing a lot of online shopping? Keeping the UPS store busy with returns, or maybe you have been lucky with purchases? My advice for those pieces that you buy that don’t quite spark joy? Don’t settle for ‘just ok’, RETURN them! Buy from places that are reliable and that have an easy return process…the last thing you need is a closet full of summer clothes that don’t fit right or that you just don’t love. ;-)

Stay well. Dress well. Enjoy the NOW..

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