Here we are at the end of June, four months of pandemic life, four months of exercising without the gym, four months of working from home with 24 hour access to the kitchen, four months of happy hours…I have always worked hard to stay in shape, but these past few months have presented a whole new challenge. Now with the Fourth of July upon us, it will be the first time to put on a swimsuit in public since March…before I wear it on the beach I decided to try one on in my bedroom…

Still no six-pack abs, and definitely not ‘skinny’, but considering I am half way through my 63rd year, not bad. My secret? DISCIPLINE. It’s all about making up my mind and sticking to a plan, whether it’s about an exercise routine or eating habits…here is a short story to illustrate…

So many calories come from alcohol, even when you stay away from the high calorie cocktails…weekends officially start for us on Thursdays, which means cocktails and/or wine Thursday through Sunday, and during the pandemic, well, why stop on the other days? Those calories really add up! On a recent Monday morning I said out loud to Peter, “I am not drinking tonight.” Somehow saying it out loud helps, hahaha. At about 5:30pm, it was a gorgeous summer night, we were sitting outside on our deck and I so badly felt like a glass of rosé – but – I resisted the temptation and the desire eventually went away…yay, I did it! Next day is Tuesday. Again, in the morning, I say aloud to Peter, “I’m not drinking tonight either.” The beautiful summer evening rolls around again, I have sparkling water in a wine glass, feeling quite proud of myself knowing that this saved at least 300 calories!

As we were finishing dinner, Peter received a text message from our neighbors/friends across the street: “Want to join us on the lawn for drinks?” “SHIT!” was my response to Peter, “I want to go, but I’m not drinking!” And so that’s what I did – I made myself a Nespresso coffee and sipped on that instead. My mind was made up.

Maybe no drinking on Mondays and Tuesdays will be a new healthy habit!

The Bottom Line:

  • There will ALWAYS be temptations to break your healthy habits. Make up your mind BEFORE the temptation presents itself.
  • In between meals, drink lots of water. When you feel hungry, drink water!
  • Staying slim is more about what you EAT than how much you exercise. Love the message, ‘Great abs are made in the kitchen, not the gym.’
  • ‘Cheating’ is absolutely ok once in awhile. It makes it easier to stick to a healthy diet on a regular basis. It’s your daily habits that matter most.
  • Exercise builds muscle and boosts your metabolism, very important as we age! Workout routinely (5-6x/week) and be open to trying new things. (I am now sprinting)
  • Too tired? Too busy? Too old? Just excuses! If it is important enough to you, you will find a way.
  • Vanity is my motivation – being healthy and strong are the side benefits.
  • Lighting and how you pose make a huge difference in photos. There are plenty of bad pics for every decent one I share. I am simply too vain to share the bad ones. 😉

Stay well. Dress well. Enjoy the NOW.

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  • HI gorgeous — this is what it all comes down to. I ask myself daily, “Do you want to eat whatever you want?” OR “Do you want to WEAR whatever you want.” I’ve got a closet filed with size-four clothes that I can’t wait to wear — I’ve been buying clothes during Covid to keep motivated. You look fabulous! It’s a daily regimen, and I live on meatless meatballs in a delicious marinara (50 calories each) plus riced cauliflower and watermelon. Dee-lish and not fattening!!


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