Shoe Surgery

Feet. We all have them, and in the warm weather, we see them all! DIY pedicures are a must these days! Considering that I am a fairly petite person, I have pretty big feet, usually an 8.5, sometimes a 9…they are also on the wide side and I have a predisposition to bunions…HOW LOVELY!

Hahaha, no. This does not prevent me from wearing high heels and sexy shoes, but I do take the time/effort to be sure that all my shoes fit well and that they are comfortable – within reason. Summer sandals (sexy ones, not Birks) can sometimes be a challenge…

When going out on a summer evening, I like to wear a sandal with a block heel…it’s more flattering than a flat, and usually comfortable to walk in…there are so many pretty versions that have a skinny strap across the front of the foot that never work for me, so I look for sandals with a wider strap or other alternatives…

Found these recently on Zappos…the brand is Dolce Vita – LOW price point, so not the highest quality, but they looked cute online so I gave them a try…

Actually quite comfortable! The heel is not too high for a casual shoe, and the toe ring is super cute. BUT. Are they super flattering? Do I really love them? No.

BUT – I had a crazy idea…

Yup, those are scissors in my hand! Do I dare to cut off the front straps to make the shoe less bulky looking? If I do, will the toe ring be enough in the front to hold the shoe on my foot? Since the shoes were only $59, why not give it a try???

What the heck, off they go!!!!

And here they are, a whole new shoe, and much cuter!

I have walked around the house in them and they feel perfectly comfortable…they would probably not be a shoe to go dancing in, but not every shoe is…

Time will tell how much I enjoy wearing these, but at the moment it sure seems promising!

And – an added plus: they are one of a kind! ;-)

PS Two weeks after I did the ‘shoe surgery’ and wrote this post, I wore them out in public…

First went to the grocery store, then off for a couple of hours of clothes shopping…the verdict is: SUCCESS! They were perfectly comfortable, easy to walk in, and looked cute!

Stay well. Dress well. Enjoy the NOW.

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  • Those sandals look so cute on you. I would never have the nerve to do surgery on a pair of shoes. Clothes, yes – quite often actually. But shoes – that scares me!


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