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Back in late March when the lockdown was still a novelty, many of us were developing new habits – binge watching on Netflix, furiously cooking comfort food, and shopping on Amazon…I did ’em all and more…social media became more of an addiction and for the first time I ordered clothes from an ad on Instagram – three very inexpensive dresses.

They were casual dresses, good for working from home, and they looked so cute on the models! For under $100 I could get THREE??? Even if only one of them ended up a keeper, it would be ok. What the heck, I took a chance! Well, March turned to April, then May, and no sign of the dresses…by early June I assumed that it was a scam and my money was wasted…

Later that month a small plastic envelope arrived in my mailbox – smaller than a shoebox…what the heck is this?? Even when I opened the package I had no idea what was inside, thinking someone sent me teeshirts in error…or maybe these were forgotten items that I had ordered for my grandkids…but no! Finally the three dresses had arrived! :-0

Dress #1: Not bad! A casual black sheath that I can just throw on and look perfectly professional for a Zoom call while being comfy/cozy! It’s a bit on the loose side, but not so bad, maybe better with a belt…

Sneakers, scarf, belt – ready to start the day!

Dress #2: An ivory ‘waffle’ knit, also not bad! This one is also a bit baggy, probably because I sized up to a medium, thinking it would run small…but as hubby said, not all dresses need to be tight…

And the belt helps again! Quite cute, and a nice change from black…

Dress #3: The fabric felt awful, had no give, and the dress was skin tight – not in a good way! Not comfortable at all. Though I look like a tank in this pic, it actually looked better in person, but no way would I wear this. Well – two out of three ain’t bad!

There’s one more fun part to this story…while I knew that dress #3 was not for me, it was also not Revolve quality, and it would not fit any gals in my family…but wait! I have an adorable 16 year old neighbor across the street – she might like it!

HOLY MOLY!!!! How adorable on her – a whole new dress!

And in case you were wondering, this beautiful young lady is not a model, but most definitely could be! That’s how you make a $29 dress look like $290!

All in all, Instagram shopping was an interesting experience, but now that retail stores have reopened, it is highly unlikely that I would do it again! Would YOU?

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  • I love what the belt does for the waffle dress, but I think the black dress looks prettier (both on you and on it’s own) without it. And what a win win for dress #3. Like it was made for her.
    How is the quality on these dresses? Do you think they will hold up after washing?

    • The quality is not bad, considering the price! And now that you mention it, I agree on dress #2 without the belt. ;-)


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