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While I doubt that true formal business attire is gone for good, I don’t think we will see much of it this year. Most of those pretty summer suits and pencil skirts may have to hang in our closets until 2021…and hopefully they will still fit us then! But for now, to those of us working from home, the more casual and creative outfits continue! ;-)

On this day I went Boho! These are wide legged cotton cropped pants that I found a few years ago at Revolve in Belmont…paired with a white Helmut Lang top it’s a fun combo…the top is not your average tee…note the tight fit, cap sleeves and flattering ‘ballet’ neckline…these are all details that make a difference, especially when paired with a baggy bottom…the belt is a detail that pulls it all together, and because it is worn low on the hips it’s also comfortable…(yes, I wear this belt often!)

For a wrap, a Chan Luu cashmere blend scarf…love the fringe, love the subtle plaid, plus it’s super cuddly! (Revolve!!!)

Working from home need not mean you never leave the home! There’s always the grocery store, the UPS Store, or a socially distant lunch with a colleague or friend! Notice the wide striped strap I added to my Vuitton handbag – it’s a fun change from the traditional tan strap, and you can find them in many different prints…found this one last year at Sole Amour in Winchester…

Ready to hit the road! Feels a bit odd to be dressed in a Boho outfit while carrying my laptop bag, but this is our life now and it’s not likely to change anytime soon…

The Bottom line:

Boho (short for Bohemian) for business is a whole new concept but it works for me! Loose fitting clothing, laid back, and unconventional. It could be colorful prints or earthy shades…with creative accessories and a casual blend of elements. Shoes could be flats, boots, or wedges…all so much fun, very ‘Free People’ and appropriate for ANY age!

Stay well. Dress well. Enjoy the NOW.

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  • Love the outfit and accessories. That wrap looks lovely with your skin tone. The only boho thing in my closet is an aqua shirt by Johnny Was from NM. It is a bit loud for me, but i still love it. My niece LOVES Free People!


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