Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

We had such fun together…you brought me such joy each time we were together…on the beach in Grand Cayman, out to dinner in Naples, Florida, even with my family on Cape Cod…but now I’m feeling confused – it’s not you, it’s me! Sometimes women’s desires and tastes change….you are still wonderful, but it may be time to go our separate ways. 🙁

I’m talkin’ about these jeans ladies!! Hahaha!

Yes, they are ‘over the top’ distressed, yes, they came from a shop geared to a younger generation, no, everyone does not like them, but to me they have been badass fun!

So why the change of heart? Not exactly sure, but here’s the story…

It’s a hot Friday night, Peter and I are going out for Mexican food with friends…yay, going out – a chance to wear a fun outfit…think I’ll wear my insanely ripped jeans and a black crop top…a few minutes before our friends arrive I stand before Peter. “You like?” I say with a smile. “You look great, but I was never crazy about those jeans.” :-0 W H A T ?

Maybe I asked because deep down I knew that ‘it was over’, they were fun for awhile but no longer sparking joy. QUICK! GOTTA CHANGE!

When you have less than five minutes to change a dress is the easiest option! And since you know that I am belt obsessed, this was easy too…all I had left to do was to switch my handbag strap from the wide striped one to plain tan…

Now I ask for your two cents. The jeans are still in my closet – it’s hard to break up after five good years! What do you think??? Time to say goodbye?

Stay well. Dress well. Enjoy the NOW.

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  • You always inspire me to step outside my comfort zone and try something new. However, I will admit I don’t love the jeans. I remember when you first got them. I said, “well I don’t like them but Candy looks good in everything.” This is true but, you look much better in the dress.

  • I agree with Peter’s assessment and I also love the way he answered the question. You both are on top of your game. (Except for the jeans which had me overly distressed.)

    • Very funny, haha. I am going to try to cut them into shorts – an idea from an Instagram friend! 🙂


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