Bring On The Red

For as long as I can remember I have never been a fan of wearing red.  Generally speaking, I liked red as a color and knew it was likely a flattering choice with my hair and skin tone, but for some reason it had no appeal to me – until now.  Don’t ask me what changed because I don’t know, but I find myself wearing red on a regular basis, and I love it!  This particular dress is a great shade of red, and can be styled to wear to work or on the weekend. You won’t believe the brand: Zara!  Zara is one shop where my daughter and I can enjoy shopping together…the prices are insanely low for trendy styles with a high-end look. But wait. I didn’t get this at Zara – I found it at Revolve! Bargain of the year! Woop, woop! The loose shift style is somewhat retro looking, and it has a fun pleated back that swishes and sways when you walk…the traditional Burberry plaid scarf tones down the red and works well as part of the outfit.  Home from the office! Wore a Theory taupe leather jacket instead of black…while black would work, adding a third color to an outfit makes it more interesting.Check out my feet!  These are three year old suede Gucci boots, recently brought back to life by Arthur’s Shoe Repair – honestly, they were so beat up I pronounced them dead and nearly trashed them. “No, Mrs. Costas, you should never trash these boots.” Hooray! The day is done, the scarf is off, one quick Twizzler (red of course) before I head upstairs to change…other red trivia:

  • Ginger loved red. Wore it often, had a red car, a red kitchen, and loved red nail polish.
  • My last red purchase: a Coach red leather vest.
  • Nude lipsticks allow your red clothes to be the focus; a deeper tone can look pretty too.
  • Wear red with camel, navy, brown, deep forest green, or black; my fave is with camel and black.
  • You can wear different shades of red together, though I myself have not tried that yet.
  • Animal prints look great with red.
  • To look less predictable, try wearing red on the bottom instead of on top.

Do YOU wear red? Warning, once you try it you may become hooked! :-)

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  • I think there is the right shade of red for everyone. As I have gotten older, my skin and hair tones have softened although I still have my hair dyed to a rich deep brown. Bright red is a bit strong for me but I love the burgundy and deeper reds. I think your tip to wear a more subdued lipstick with bright reds is a really good one.

  • Love the RED dress candy. You have inspired me to take that red dress out of my closet for the weekend.

    • Hooray! I think wearing red is bold and empowering – you are in for a fun weekend! ;-)


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