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Ralph Lauren tweed blazer

Another day at the office – home office, that is! Wearing my fave tweed blazer with a black bow tie blouse…perfect for zooming, right? (Is zooming now a verb? Haha!)

Trying to balance comfortable with professional, I opted for high waisted camel pants tucked into riding boots…the boots (Stuart Weitzman) are many years old but still fabulous and super comfortable – some days you just want to be in sneakers, some days you just need to wear a heel! The blouse (Jane Wood brand) I found last year in Nashville, loved it so much that I bought two!

The metallic fabric has such an interesting texture – looks good with so many things: a black leather skirt, blue jeans, pleather leggings, or even plaid pants!

Back to the blazer – true to Ralph Lauren style and something I never tire of: amazing fit and fabric.

Heading out to run an errand, gotta have a scarf…red plaid and tweed are a perfect combination…

The Bottom Line:

  • Do wear a blazer on a Zoom call. It elevates your look. People will notice.
  • When you really really love something, buy it in two colors!
  • Don’t wait for the pandemic to be over to wear heels.
  • Remember the two most important qualities of clothing: fit and fabric.

Stay well. Dress well. Enjoy the NOW.

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