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There’s a time to throw on your jeans with a turtleneck and sneakers, and there’s a time to kick it up a notch. When is it time to kick it up?  A couple of self-imposed rules I go by:  1- When the sun goes down, the heels go up. 2- Extra effort when heading out to dinner with hubby.  So, this is a ‘kicked-up’ casual outfit I recently wore when going out for a midweek dinner…nothing here is new, but these are all pieces that spark joy, starting with the ‘dirty’ jeans by Ralph Lauren…yes, they were actually manufactured to look grimy!  

The forest green sweater is by Rag and Bone…it’s a soft wool that has a second layer of fabric in the front for extra coverage and warmth. Speaking of warm, if you wear a cuddly scarf with an off the shoulder sweater, it’s a fun way to enjoy this sexy style all winter long – just because you may be a grandma doesn’t mean you need to look like one.  😉  This leopard scarf by Echo has been in my closet for years, a true classic…

Gold hoops, a wrist of casual bracelets, Cole Haan booties, and I am almost good to go!

Ok, now I’m ready! Warm, stylish, and casual – Candy casual anyway. Haha.

One more fun detail to share here…about a week after I took these pics I came across a leopard scarf in a Greenwich shop that was calling my name…but I already have a leopard scarf, I told myself (actually two, but one is silk)…are they different enough to justify buying another?  I held it, I wrapped it around my neck, I put it back.  It called my name again…it was not pricey for the wow factor, under $100…it was bolder, warmer, and bigger than this one…that’s different enough, right?



















Yeah, I bought it!

And I’m glad that I did!   It is less of an indoor scarf, more of an outdoor scarf and layering piece.

What do you think???  Would you buy more than one leopard scarf?  😉

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