The Cat’s Meow

Here’s a comfy weekend casual outfit pulled together with a versatile Kate Spade cardigan, found a few months ago at the Nordstrom Rack…

The ‘Meow’ caught my eye, but how cute is the tail??

Just as cute as this little guy’s face, right? Who could resist? The sweater is a soft merino wool, with shiny gold buttons, which adds a dressy touch. While many cardigan sweaters can be matronly and sloppy looking, this one is not because of the cropped, fitted style.  Button it up to flatter your shape, leaving the top and bottom unbuttoned for a more relaxed look.

Now that cold weather is here to stay I rarely leave the house without my  3 essential accessories: hat, scarf, and gloves.  These particular ones I wear ALL THE TIME, making them a great value.  How about clothing items you don’t wear all the time?  There might be opportunities to wear them more…

Here is a perfect example – my ski jacket, previously worn only on the slopes.  Why not enjoy it more?  (I did, and it was great to be toasty warm in the grocery store!)  When you have pieces that you love, wear them!  Wearing them in different ways is fun, and you also get more bang for your buck. ;-)

Headed back to work I won’t wear the ski jacket, but the sweater is adorable for a business casual look with pearls and a leopard pencil skirt.

Ain’t it the cats meow???  :-)

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