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Alas, the topic of women’s high heels hits the press again! This time in the Off Duty section of the Wall Street Journal, November 10-11… Chloe Malle primarily tells us that high heels are uncomfortable and unnecessary, and that elegant, dressy flats are the better alternative.  An opposing opinion is presented by Katharine Zarella, who loves high heels, not just for the look, but for the confidence and attitude they give you.

Ladies – there is a middle ground!  Your options are not only six inch stilettos or ballet flats, there is a world of mid-heels out there, many ways to look great, pain free, without resorting to unflattering  shoes.  I am a firm believer that especially with skirts/dresses, a heel is way more attractive than a flat.  Even if it’s only a two inch heel, it makes a huge difference.

Just like you would not wear sweatpants or leggings to work, don’t expect your shoes to feel as comfy as slippers or sneakers.  This does not mean you can’t be comfortable!  Because we all have different feet, you need to figure out what style of shoe feels best on you, and which styles work in specific situations.  From an active working woman, here are some points to consider:

    • A ‘block’ heel is easy to walk in and is great for business attire.
    • When choosing a low heel, be sure that the height of the heel is equal to or greater than the width of the heel.
    • NEVER buy a shoe if it hurts when you first try it on.
    • A sexy, high heeled pump can be comfortable; it depends on the material (suede is softer), and the width of the ‘toe pocket’.
    • High heels are not ‘easy and effortless’.  Ladies –  NOTHING good in life comes without some effort!
    • Whether or not you wear tights with a shoe can greatly affect comfort.  (I have some shoes, especially pumps, that I will only wear with bare legs.)
    • Booties are a comfortable alternative in cold weather when tights are a must.
    • Sneakers are for the gym, for running, or for a deliberate fashion choice.  If you feel the need to change into them before you are at home, you are in the wrong shoes.
    • There is a time and place for super high heels: going out to dinner, a party, a wedding. Don’t be fooled by Instagram pics that show gals wearing them with jeans during the day, as they are out and about.  Makes no sense. DO try that look for date night. 😉



These Chanel sling-backs have a perfect block heel – great with dresses, trousers, jeans.







These Rag and Bone booties are comfortable with or without tights.






Just bought these Miu Miu kitten heels as a fun ‘low’ heel option.  The pointed toe and two inch heel add instant sophistication over a ballet flat.





There is nothing sexier than a classic high heeled pump. I try on MANY until I find the right fit.  For my wide feet,  Manolo Blahnik’s are great, as seen here.  For a lower priced alternative, Sam Edelman shoes also look terrific.






These Brenda Zaro pumps from Sole Amour offer a similar look with a lower, thicker heel, comfortable enough to wear to work.




The clothes on your back, the shoes on your feet, they do not only have a superficial effect, they also affect how you feel, how you carry yourself, and how you relate to people.  Sounds crazy?  Not at all, but it probably affects some more dramatically than others. As for this gal, if I am lucky enough to maintain my health and stability, I will continue to wear heels into my 70s, and even 80s!



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  • I agree with you about finding a heel that works for your foot. I have several pair that have a thicker heel (NOT stiletto) which I wear for dressy occasions (galas, weddings, etc.) But on a daily basis, my job requires quite a bit of walking in my 100,000 sq ft school, and very often transporting a wheel chair bound student down a flight of stairs. If I ever wore heels (even my comfortable ones) to work, I’d soon regret it. My favorite work shoes are flat or low heeled booties and loafers. Love your Miu Miu shoes! So glam!


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