Clothing Etiquette

As a society in the good ol’ US of A, we have gone too far with being ‘relaxed’, casual, laissez-faire….at a private country club, a private school, some places of business, there are strict dress codes that must be followed. Aside from that, we have become a society of slobs.  Ladies and gentlemen: dressing well – which means for many, dressing up – is a form of good manners.  Your mother never taught you this?  Well, mine did, allow me to share….

You should make wardrobe selections each day considering where you are going and who you will be with…here are a few areas where many could kick it up:

  • To a wake or funeral –  Put on a jacket and tie, guys.  No, not only if it’s your family member in the casket.  Always.  And ladies, this occasion does not call for pulling out your sexy little black dress – it means finding something conservative.  Whether you are 25 or 55.  Not too short, not too tight, not your brightest colors.
  • To church – this is not a barbeque.  This is not a golf tournament.  Guys, put on a sport jacket – ladies, skip the flip flops, leggings, mini skirts…It is showing respect to whatever God you worship.
  • Out with your family – meeting future in-laws for the first time? Or maybe visiting them at their summer home on the Cape?  Skip your skimpiest string bikini, ladies and even if ripped jeans are trendy, not for this occasion….that blue linen blazer? Perfect.
  • To a friend’s home – no, anything does not go! If you are out of high school (yes, you are!!!), show respect to your friend by doing better than a tee shirt and jeans….wear a collared shirt, nice casual pants, a decent shoe. Especially for social occasions at a friend’s home, taking the time to look your best shows respect to the host and hostess.
  • Out to dinner with your spouse – for cryin’ out loud, if you (or he) are wearing comfy old clothes on a Saturday night, what does that say??  Maybe “I’m tired.” Maybe, “I just want to eat.”  Or maybe, “I don’t care.”…..If you do care, dressing well is one way to show it…..try it…watch the reaction you get. 🙂

    Pinterest photo
    Pinterest photo

Kate Middleton is always dressed so appropriately for her countless formal and not so formal occasions….while you may not want this look all the time, it’s great to have conservative items in your closet for times when you need them, and not have to go crazy shopping at the last minute….LKBennet is a shop in Boston that has ladylike yet current clothes that can go from work to evening….very ‘Kate Middleton’ in style…….feminine and classy! Buy a basic sheath dress on sale and you will be so glad that you have it when that ‘certain occasion’ arises…..:-)

Well?  What are your thoughts on clothing etiquette?

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