Cocktails, Calories, and Compromises

Happy Holidays everyone! This will be my last post until after the first of the year – will be off celebrating my 60th…I wish you all the very best times with family and friends and I thank you for reading my blog. More to come in 2018!

If you are anything like me, one of the hardest places to cut calories is with alcoholic beverages. I really enjoy a glass of wine, a martini, a cocktail, champagne, you name it. Whether at home at the end of a long day or out at a bar with Peter, it’s yummy, it’s relaxing, it’s social.  But damn, you know it never ends with one drink. And that’s where those calories add up. What’s a gal to do?  One obvious solution is to stay away from sugary drinks – margaritas, pina coladas, mojitos, vodka tonics, mudslides – no thank you!

If you choose wine, sip slowwwwly.  I find that because of the bubbles I can sip champagne even more slowly, and the serving size is usually smaller, so less calories.  But when you want – or need – more of a ‘buzz’ that may not do.  😉   Time to go for the hard stuff, like vodka or gin, which is not so bad calorie wise if you are careful with your mixers.  A dirty martini is a good choice, or a Gibson, which is lately my drink of choice. (This is a martini garnished with a cocktail onion instead of an olive.)

And now I have a new favorite, concocted at home after experimenting with some of my usual libations…


Four ingredients:  vodka, pepperocini, cocktail olives, and cocktail onions.  Pour desired amount of vodka into a shaker with lots of ice. Add a splash of onion juice, a splash of pepperocini juice, and a tiny splash of olive juice.  Shake well then strain into a chilled martini glass…




Garnish with one of each condiment, ideally on a decorative toothpick. Voila!  So sexy!  So retro!  So gooood.   (It needs a name – any ideas?)

Using the proper glassware for your drink makes a huge difference in the whole cocktail experience. These vintage glasses belonged to my grandmother (Ginger’s mother) who was known to be a perfect hostess with a vast collection of glassware, linens, and serving pieces.  This shape is also a fun for champagne.

Now the big question: have you ever tried to do a ‘dry January’?  My two grown kids and I are committing to it!  For me it is partly for the challenge, partly to drop a few pounds.  Anybody else want to join us?   C’mon, we can support each other and share experiences! 

Who’s in???


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  • Welcome to your sixties!! As of February I will be slightly more than half way through mine. So far so great! Hope yours will be the same. There are ways to watch your calories, but not during the holidays. I don’t have a sweet tooth (i.e., Christmas cookies, etc.), but I do love my wine and champagne. My preferred cocktail is a Kir, but when I need to lighten it up a bit I add peach liqueur, lots of sparking water and white wine. It’s wonderful and very satisfying. In fact, you can have two guilt free.

    Have a wonderful New Year.

    Cheers, M-T

  • I drink so little that a dry January might happen without my even trying. Not virtue signaling here, I just don’t like the taste of most drinks. But, I wonder about your comment that having a drink is “social”, because any drink can be social whether it contains alcohol or not. Have a cup of tea or coffee instead.

  • Good point Rita. Thinking more about when you are at a bar and others are drinking alcohol. Coffee/tea is social in certain circumstances as well.


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