Coco and Candy

Chanel models, 1950s

Sounds like a cool name for a new boutique in Boston, right? I wish!

Coco Chanel and Candy Costas – what do we have in common? Most obviously, our initials are both ‘CC’! There may not be anything else this obvious, but in THE CHANEL SISTERS, an astonishing historical fiction novel by Judithe Little, I felt a connection…

Such an interesting story based on the life of Coco Chanel and her sister, Antionette. As I read the book I would often put it down Googling information to know whether it was true or not…her mother was a peasant and she was born in a poorhouse…TRUE…she was sent to an orphanage in a convent by her philanderer father after her mother died, where she stayed until she was 18…TRUE…she really wanted to be a performer/singer, but did not have the talent…TRUE…her fashion career began by designing hats…TRUE…

Other facts that seemed out of the Candy Costas rule book: Even as a young girl she understood the importance of clothes fitting well; when she and her sisters were given ill-fitting garments in the orphanage, she actually took them completely apart and re-sewed them to fit properly…When other women were wearing ostentatious hats and dresses adorned with fluff and an abundance of ruffles, she preferred simpler, more tailored styles – not wanting to look like everyone else.

In the course of the book you learn about her male suitors, friends, and acquaintances, one of which was Paul Poiret….Hmmm, that name sounded familiar to me…Wait! Paul Poiret? I think that’s the French designer of the wallpaper I recently put in my master bathroom! I Googled it and sure enough….

My bathroom wallpaper!

Yessiree! How cool is that? Champagne bubbles and feathers in a luxurious metallic blend of neutrals…and now connected to the world of Chanel! (Click here for wallpaper details.)

Of the few treasured Chanel pieces that I own, her two toned sling back shoes are probably my favorite…I wear them with business attire, with little black dresses, with shorts and with jeans – they are such a great classic look and also super comfortable…when they wear out I will definitely buy them again!

The sequin handbag is not a Chanel, but simply an adorable knock-off! And since my initials are ‘CC’, how could I resist?

The bottom line here: If you like historical fiction and you have an appreciation for the world of fashion, read THE CHANEL SISTERS! It is inspiring, interesting, and also a bit sad. Hope you enjoy it!

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  • I have a book about Coco Chanel- it details her famous sayings and the details surrounding each. She was fascinating.


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