Color Me Classic

Theory sweater (TJMaxx), Halogen skirt (Revolve), Ginger's gold beads
Theory sweater (TJMaxx), Halogen skirt (Revolve),
Ginger’s gold beads
Spring is finally here and we are all happy to put away the heavy wool sweaters, coats, and winter boots….some of you might be tired of wearing black – is that you?? Ready for some color in your spring wardrobe? I warn you not to go color crazy! Colors are not season specific, you should wear those that you like and those that look good on you year round……stores may be featuring lots of pastels to appeal to you visually, but don’t be fooled!! Do pastels really look good on you? If for work, do they convey the ‘message’ you want to send? Head to toe bright or pastel color is best left for weekend and vacation wear….there are other options to break up your black:
– Navy is a great color for spring that works for casual or business wear. I love navy with orange, navy with black is also a sophisticated option.
– Add a bright white jacket – it will look great with your black pieces, looks so nice with camel and brown tones.
– Don’t consider cranberry a fall color – it is very versatile, works with black, tan, navy, white.
– Don’t overlook the power of stocking and shoe choice; sheer stockings and a patent leather pump adds instant lightness.
Burberry Brit jacket and Burberry classic scarf (Nordstroms)
Burberry Brit jacket and Burberry classic scarf (Nordstroms)
Spanx sheer hose, Gabor pumps (Mad About Shoe, Winchester)
Spanx sheer hose, Gabor pumps (Mad About Shoe, Winchester)
These Spanx stockings are not the ones that go above your waistline; they end at the waist and are surprisingly comfortable….the navy shoes are actually ‘vegan’ the saleswoman told me – a fancy way to say they are faux leather, according to my daughter – made by a German company that is supposedly very popular in Europe – super comfortable, perfect shoe for work………
Rag and Bone hat, camel gloves from Sermoneta
Rag and Bone hat, camel gloves from Sermoneta
It may be spring, but morning temperatures are still chilly, especially standing out at the train station….adding a hat and gloves makes all the difference and pulls the whole outfit together…polished, classic, and black free for one day!
How about you? What colors will you be wearing this spring?

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  • This is such a wonderful, classic look! I have been lusting after some wonderful spring colors, but this look conveys exactly the image I want to convey in the office. And I’ll check out the Spanks pantyhose. Thanks!


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