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Wolford open weave tights
Wolford open weave tights

Depending on your age, you may call them tights, stockings, pantyhose, nylons, hosiery……depending on many variables, you may love them, hate them, wear them always, sometimes, or never……as the temperatures in Boston are rising, many of us are ditching the boots and packing away the puffer…..which may lead to some new exposure of the gams! How to decide what looks best? Here are a few pointers:
– Black opaque stockings are a year round staple. There are lighter versions for warmer weather and they are always an elegant look. I personally pack them away for summer, probably more for variety than anything else.
– Patterned tights are a personal favorite of mine, whether to show the whole leg, as above, or just a peek, if you are wearing a boot. Wolford is a high end brand (worth the price!), but you can find many labels at lower prices that are lots of fun.
– Sheer black hose can give you a more finished and flattering look with conservative business wear, the sheerness is also a nice change for spring. Kate Middleton has made them “in style” again, worn with ladylike pumps.
– Sheer natural hose have also been given the stamp of approval by Kate Middleton and lately I am enjoying them for a professional and feminine look at work….choosing the right color and sheerness is key, sometimes it is simply trial and error…..Just tried Spanx brand this week, I chose the ‘invisible’ color, which is perfect for my coloring…..the best color is a shade that matches or is just a tad darker than your skin. (They are quite comfortable, not too tight at waist).
– When the temps stay above 60, bare legs are my choice….I like the look, and it makes my summer shoes more comfortable…..going “bare” means I will always apply some tinted moisturizer mixed with Nivea lotion to have a flawless look….and for formal occasions any time of year, ALWAYS bare legs!

Sheer black stockings
Sheer black stockings
New tights from Nordstroms
New tights from Nordstroms

Just picked up these fishnet type tights in natural and blue….they are light as a feather and the waistband is not too tight…they will be perfect for warmer temperatures…….So how about you – what’s your favorite leg wear???

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  • Hi Candy, so enjoy your posts. Personally I’m not a big fan of patterned stockings. Too conservative I guess ?
    I do love the new legging look…. Comfortable, sporty and dressy they work well In the spring and fall. I would love to have you do a post on leggins!!!! I have worn them so much in Arizona…. They are everywhere here…..big fashion wear out here. When at home they are great for relaxing at home and nice and warm w/ long sweaters…. Thoughts?

    • Thanks Mary! I love leggings too, for weekend and casual wear….great idea for a blog post – stay tuned!


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