Comfort Zone

Ya know, I am starting to like this laid back business attire…it’s comfortable yet stylish, trendy but not sexy, casual but not sloppy. Pretty darn nice, don’t you think? And wait till you get a closer look at these pants!

The brand is FIFTEEN TWENTY, bought them on sale earlier this year at Sole Amour in Winchester…the plan was to wear them with high heels and a blazer, thinking ahead even to the 2020 winter holiday season, but what the heck, why not wear them now??? The unique feature: a stripe down the side of each leg that is all crystals, – who doesn’t need a bit of sparkle in their life these days? Here’s an even closer look at the bling…

The fit is somewhere between a legging and a fitted trouser, very flattering and fine to wear with or without covering your bottom. 😉

When society reopens I do look forward to wearing them more dressed up – maybe with a white bow tie blouse, a black tuxedo jacket, and red suede pumps…

But for the time being, a simple white tee (Rag and Bone) and a coral sweater will have to do…yes, this sweater is a bright coral, but for whatever reason it has always looks ‘peachy pink’ in photos…whether an unstructured cardigan, one with buttons, a zip-up, or a pullover, layering your casual outfit with a sweater adds style as well as the cuddle factor…perfect for when you are working from home…

Working from home ‘comfort zone’, without sacrificing style!

We can’t control everything these days, but damn, control what you can and keep a positive outlook!

Stay well. Dress well. Better days ahead!

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